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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam : Upon arrival..

11 November 2013

Time to sign out from Hanoi and sign in to Ho Chi Minh city.
Yeah.. I feel so excited and nervous at the same time go to HCM city since the typhoon is near Hanoi and the weather is very bad here.
As I hear from my friends, this HCM city is really nice and heaven for shopaholic people. hurmm..really?
After face some difficulity at Hanoi, I safely arrived at Ho Chi Minh city without any issue and I am happy to see this beautiful city. And most of all, here I can talk in my broken English..yeah!
During this business trip at HCM, I am so lucky because my sister also went to HCM to buy some wedding and some stuff for Christmas preparations . So, I will not feel alone again.

Upon my arrival at Hanoi airport, I feel so damn nervous because my taxi come late and I though I will late but luckily, I managed to arrived on time and I don't have any issue during my check-in time. Thanks God!
Heavily rain at Hanoi and its make me worry again, I will fly with this kind of weather, this make me a bit scary.
How come I fly with this kind of weather..

 Here the snack on the board. Its simple but its okay, I feel full when eat half of this.hurmm..
 For my visit to Ho Chi Minh city, I stayed at Rex Hotel. Here the hotel views. I just go around to find the name..hahaha. And its not clear also..hahhaa.

My signature pose whenever I take picture and feel excited about it.haha

I got so many inspirations during my visited here. Everything is look cool for me and I really love that the Vietnamese love flower and what the amazing things is I saw them brings the bouquet of flower at airport.I wish I can do that for someone..haha

Staying at REX hotel is very convienience. Everything just near to the hotel and its took few minutes to walk around and take picture like I did.hehe

Then, for my dinner.. I try their KFC and the name is Juicy chicken. But, sadly I just take this picture of my KFC, its weird to take picture of your food when you are alone..haha. People seems looking at you..Don't do at other country unless there someone with you..hahhaa.But, luckily my sister there for me so I wont eating alone anymore. I hate eating alone.

I love the their KFC glass.Usually, we drink on the plastic glass right? But, this look special..hahhahaa. Jakuness is overload..

So, that welcoming dinner for myself at Ho Chi Minh city.
My impression about this city is there a lot of tourist here. They're everywhere and you'll not scared to go around when you are here. If you feel like wanna visit Vietnam, I suggest Ho Chi Minh city, this city is really interesting.
Stayed tune my friends...

Estelle Paya

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