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{ Skincare} : Cure my pimple face!

29 November 2013

Pimples! arghh.. I feel stress whenever there pimples on my faces. I don't have any pretty baby face that smooth like a porcelin but I am very worried whenever pimple on my face. From my experience, the pimples on your face because of your eating habit, sleeping habit or sometime product changing. If you always eating the oily food, I believe it will make your face oily unless you know how to eat oily food properly, make sure you not put your oily and dirty finger on your face, wash it first. That is common sense right? Okay, lack of sleep is another common factor of pimples. Don't always sleep late because its will affect your skin. Last one is keep changing the skincare product. Tips, my mum did tell me, whenever you want to change your skincare product, please wait for 2 week before use the new brand, if not its will affect your skin.
Okay, I talk a lot about this, that mean I also facing this issue a lot when I on my teenage year ( still teenage right now..ehhe) until now, I still face it. The main factor is lack of sleep.
So, here is one recommended solution..
This is Skin Food Skincare. This product is recommend by one of my colleagues. The name of the product is Barley & Mandarin Toner. After wash your face with your cleanser, put good amount on square puff and wipe it on your face slowly especially on the area that had a lot of pimples. Be careful! Don't angry to your pimples. Wipe gently for 5 minutes.
 Then after that, use this Barley & Mandarin Spot Gel. Put it on your pimple and leave it. It will feel a bit pain, maybe because of the reaction of the ingredients of this product on your pimple. Don't wipe it..just leave it over night. After use it for few times, the pimples will cured.
 Don't worry when you had pimple or a lots of pimples on your face, take it easy, don't stressed! If you're stress then they will come more. Treat your pimple carefully and don't do the bad habit anymore okay?
Smooth and pimples skin is most important if you want look better.
If you feel frustrated with your face now, and tried sooo many skincare product, but the result is not like you wanted. I recommend this product and hopefully, its will work for you. my pimples face..
This my face after use this for 1 week. Look like less pimple..
What I hate about have pimple is its feel hurt and itchy.. Feel wanna "garu" but I can't...argghh.
How about you?

Thanks for reading.

Love ya,
Estelle Paya

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