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Travel Food : What I ate at Australia...

02 November 2013

Hi friends,
I just realize I didn't share about what food did I ate during my business trip to Australia and New Zealand last time.
You going to laugh at me when you see what I am eating..hahaha
Okay, want to know what I ate??
Let's see it...hahhahaaa

Sorry guys, this is not at Australia but KLIA.. Latte as usual..

 In flight menu..nyummm!

 First day food at Australia..and it's expensive!!! $20..oh God!

 For my dinner, my colleague treat me sushi.. and the wasabi is very spicy! huhu...sweat!

2nd day, I didn't eat my breakfast. and not eat my lunch also..Just ate some biscuit because I don't feel like to eat..
3rd day, I skip my breakfast again..huhu and here is my lunch! The price is $7.. but too much onion..I don't like that..but I am hungry so just ate it!

 Then, for my dinner.. see what I found, I found my sweetheart here..hahahha, I smile all the way I going back hotel.
 And my friend recommended this cookies to me so I just buy it. 4 pieces = $12..hmmm... Its taste delicious.

 And not to forget my another favorite, my Oreo McFlurry! Nyum!
 I will become cheeseburger because I love cheeseburger... I never tried other burger other than this..hahaha

 Finally, on my last day at Sydney, I found rice! I feel heavan is near..hahhaha.

During this trip, I realized I am truly Malaysian because whenever I went, I always missed the food. I used to eat the spicy food.
I thanks God because let me try all these food.
Next time, when you travel to Australia, try their food..hahahaa..I am not really into eating during my stayed here.. I don't know why!

So next, What I ate at New Zealand....

Stay tuned..
Estelle Paya

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