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[Travel] : What to do if your flight is cancelled??

15 November 2013

 Hi there!
Okay, as I already share on previous post. I faced one unexpected difficulty during my visit at Hanoi.The typhoon Haiyan is on way to Hanoi after hit Philippines and the damage at Philippines  is very bad. I think you guys know about this since its on the international news.Due to this bad weather,  there a lot of cancellation flight from/to Hanoi on 10.11.2013.And my flight to Ho Chi Minh is 11.11.2013, the next day and there uncertain news regarding my flight.
This really make me worried, I should not worry because God will be there but I couldn't help to worry.
I am very panic and I feel so scared because I am not sure what to next.
So, I don't want this happened to you guys whenever you travel abroad whether alone or with someone.
Here is what should you do when your flight is about to cancel or cancelled.
This is only important things to do.

1. Don't panic! Take a deep breath and release it. Panic is not help at all.

2. Go to your airlines webpage if you can access internet and keep update the news from there. If you cannot access internet, call your airlines and ask them whether your flight is really cancel. If yes, ask them another time or date and see whether the date or time is okay for you and confirm it. But, usually when the airlines release news about cancellation of the flight, they will be a lot of call so maybe you can't directly got the answer so to save your money or bills, better check online and faster. I recommend use internet!

3. Then, go to Business Center at your hotel if available and ask them regarding your flight. As I experienced, they will call the airlines for you to confirm whether your flight is cancelled or not. This is the fastest way to know your flight status.Please provide them your flight numbers only.

4. Check for alternate flight or routes or other airlines company.
If there no available flight on your previous flight, check other airlines available and see the available flight and see the routes also,make sure its work for you. Maybe other airlines use different routing, so they still can fly even though in tough weather.

So, that all the steps I can share with you guys on what should you do when you hear your flight might cancel.
First of this, keep praying so everything will be okay and don't panic and worry too much, its will make situation become worse. Relax and every problem got their solution and you not alone, God is there, remember that!

Thanks for reading!
Estelle Paya

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