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Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2013

Photo by Irene May
Happy Saturday my friends..
Its weekend and I feel great! But that doesn't mean I am not feeling great on weekday, I do feeling great everyday in my life. I believe on " Live like today is your last day". So, life your life fullest and do everything that you never done before ( but make sure its not cross the line, remember no people will judge you in everything you done but GOD will judge you so make sure you do the good things ya! No no wild party baby!
Okay, talking about wild things..yesterday I done something wild in my life.hahaha..Don't judge me!
What I mean is I went to Big Bad Wold Book SALE! Last year, I never know about this sale even though its very near to where I am living..uh huh! But, this year, I had my opportunity to "hunting" for book here.
As I promised on my instagram (@estellepaya), I give some tips to go here..

If you interested to go here,
If you already familiar with The Mines Shopping Mall, I think there no problem for you to find this place. Actually, this place just beside The Mines. You can go here from level 3 of The Mines. For the parking, I recommend parking your car a bit far from MIECC because it will be sooo many cars. So, here some of the view of the SALE. Crazy! Book Worm going to love this very much. The books is very very cheap you know! For more you can visit their Facebook page :
Here is my accompany for hunting book,my housemate.Another one is the great Photographer.
Upon the entering, I am amazed to see all the books.WOW! So many book and so many people. Without waste any time, we just separate for awhile and hunting is begin.haha
After go there and go here, here is what I get from the "hunting". The Starbuck is just rubbish only..hehe.
Well, when its come to cheapest price, I am the number one. But, not all books below is mine. Its all our books. Can you guess which one is should be mine? 
 Favorite book and time to show our happy faces. hehe
 I am so happy to find my favorite book. Opps! I already reveal one of my book.hahahha. The hint is BRIDE .

Okay, time for tips!
Since this is my first time go for this, I don't have so much tips. But, I wanted to share what I experience.
Tips#1 : Bring your shopping cart on your own. The volunteer will give you box ( the box will become your shopping cart), so the more you take the book, the heavier, so its will make you tired. So, get ready of your own shopping cart.

Tips#2: Bring mineral water. There will be crowded so we will get thirsty easily. Don't forget this!

Tips#3 : If you bring your children, make sure you know where they are and never lost them. Family comes first!

Tips #4 : Don't go with drain battery on your smartphone or phone. Why? You'll separate from you friends so make sure you have battery on your phone.

Tips#5 : Know what you wanted to buy, don't just grab everything because its cheap! It's cheap but its still money.

So, that all for the tips. Hopefully you'll have a great time to "hunting" books. Don't missed this!

Have a nice day,
Estelle Paya
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