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Christmas Mode

20 December 2013

 How are you? Doing good? Hopefully, yes!
I am so busy to packing for Christmas holiday for this moment. This is the moment that I always waiting for. For single women like me, its very easy to packing your own things. Once you start got your own family and its time to think of others.hahhahaa
I just can't wait for Christmas.

Here is ton of my selfie. I really love my earrings. Its a very cheap earrings but I love it.Sometimes, we no need to buy the expensive things to make us look beautiful, sometimes the cheap things also look beautiful. 

 My Santa face earrings.. Christmas mode is ON. Not yet officially..hahha..Wait for few days.huahuahua

Not to forget the art of nails. Christmas color already "IN" for me. How about yours?

I don't know what the purpose for doing this. But, I am having fun..

 Hahahhaaa... Sleeppyy!

Yeah! I got medium hair for 2013 Christmas..hehhee...


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