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{ Fashion Tips} : How to wear 1950 inspired dress?

01 December 2013

Photo By Audrey Ping 
Hello my friends..
How is going? You had a great Sunday, right? I hope you enjoying your Sunday today.
As for me, I went to church as usual. Its not my routine every Sunday but that I really wanted to do every Sunday. Okay, no matter what you do today, hopefully you had a great one.
I always love Sunday because I can see all my lovely friends at church and praying together, I really love this.
And today, I am so excited to wear something that I bought for my birthday yesterday. You can see my excitement on my first picture..hehe.

First, I am so thankful because I can find this gorgeous dress in really low price. Can you guess what the price? Or I will tell you..hehe. The price just RM20. Its super cheap for me because I never see this kind of dress in this price. Thanks for my friend @Maznee Husin for recommend me this dress. We both love it but I am the owner..hahaa. I totally having fun with this dress today.

 And today is my first time I went to Leisure Mall at Cheras. I never went here before. And I love how their decorate the upcoming Christmas. One of my favorite is as below.hahhaha.

 Then, after that I am having fun in front of mirror at my friend's house. Their mirror is very big and I can take my full body picture.hahaha. Really love the big mirror but its really scary when at night..huahuahua..just kidding!

Lastly, tips how to wear this kind of dress. I wont leave you without any tips.hehe.
Tips #1 : Wear thin belt to make illusion of slimmer waist. I recommend the contrast color of your dress.

Tips #2 : Don't forget you high heel. If not, you'll look short like me.hehe.

Tips #3 : If you want more polite, wear short jacket and the color of the jacket must be not same with your dress for sure.

Tips #4 : Don't show that bare neck.hehe. Wear necklace to make the dress look more beautiful. But, don't wear long necklace. It will look messier because you already had you belt on.

Tips #5 : Wear minimal accessories on your hand. Reason is the dress already crowded so don't make it more crowded but if you dress is plain color, you should wear accessories.

Thanks for reading!

Love ya,
Estelle Paya

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