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Friendship never ends for 88's

During this Christmas, I had chance to see some of my friends that I used to be with when I am at Sarawak. We know each other when we're very young, I think before we even start enter school, we already know each other. Can you imagine how long is this friendship. And yes, we admitted that there some love and hate in this relationship, we cannot avoid that. That what friendship for. Friendship without that is feel like there no salt on the soup ( something like this..), it will feel incomplete. After several month we do not meet each other due to our work and any personal related, during this Christmas day we had opportunity to capturing some moment together.
So, let's enjoy!

This is some of us! Hopefully, someday we can capture all of us and put it on frame and remember it for the whole of our life and if meet at heaven someday, we will continue this relationship. Kemajuan ka seroga.

Let's me introduce, this is a very good  childhood friend and closed neighbor too.hahha. We are growing up together and she is gorgeous right?
All 88's friends is my childhood friends but I think I spent most of the time with her since we lived in the same area and our house very near. I didn't remember very well how the relationship going but now, we still the same, neighbor and friends as always.

Friends is one of precious asset that we had in this world.
Without friends, there nobody can help you to get through some obstacle in life.
Don't be scare to be friends with new people surround you, be friendly and know how to choose a good friends. If you do not know, ask God give you a good friends, He will give it to you!

Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya
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