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Outfit Diary: Black Sunglasses

09 December 2013

Hi there!
Life is always hard and there no easy life especially for me. If I do not give everything for God, I don't know how am I survive in this world. I am thankful for having a little faith in my life and I am happy with it. No matter how hard is my life, no matter how bad my life situation and no matter how hard for me bear with things that really can't make me breath, I will stay focused and there so many dream that I am chasing and never stop chasing all your dream. Speak of enjoying life, whenever I felt bad or negative energy on me, I will see all the things that I got and I am thankful for everything that I had. One of my favorite things is my sunglasses. It's make myself happy and it's really make my day. I am kind of crazy right now right? Yup, I am obsess with something that not even can talk with me. But, I feel better with that way. 
As new years is approaching, start thinking of your new resolution and take it seriously! What you wanna do for next year?

Let's enjoy this life as much as can. Do whatever you always wish for and never hate anybody in this world. Peace!

Estelle Paya

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