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Outfit Diary: Black Sweater + Red Midi Skirt

09 December 2013

Photo by Ellis Mering
Happy Sunday my friends!
Today is another great Sunday in my life. Its day full of activities until I cannot shut down myself for awhile. I felt like I need to do everything today. I feel like today is my last day in this world..haha. But, I love it! I went to church today and today our Pastor's topic is very interesting. It's great for preparation for next year journey. The topic is "Iman yang diuji", I don't know how to translate it on English and I love it in Bahasa. I am so excited to share this with you my friends. Because in this life we cannot run or get away from the problem of our life and the challenge that wait for us. I know and I admit that ,whenever the hard time hit me or whenever things going wrong, I will start to ask "God, why this happen to me? why this happen now? why this happen to my family? " and so on

There will be a lot of questions from me. How about you? Do you ask so many questions to God whenever you having your hard time and feel like you can't breath? But, as I am growing to be a lady ( :P), I realized that God always have his plan for us and he do that and this to test of faith on Him. Instead of asking so many why, I want try to say " Thanks God for the challenge that you give me and give me strength to face it". I remember that, during one of my hard time this year, I always pray to God to give me strength to face it and not to take away the challenge from me. Because I trust God is there for me. So, don't be afraid when there challenging or tough time in your life, say "thank God for choose me for this challenge", its may not easy as I speak, be thankful during hard time is always the hardest things to do but let's try our best together. During the hard time, pray to God to give you strength to face it and be thankful and grateful on everything.

Whatever you religion is don't lose hope during hard time, ask from GOD for the strength to face anything in your life.
Okay, let's move on the outfit today. Yeah! Finally, my red retro skirt had time to shine. I always feel excited whenever I had chance to wear this skirt. I am totally in love with it!
Today, I am pairing the retro red skirt with my comfortable sweater.You may asking, sweater on our humid country? Nowadays, it's always raining and always feel cold so a good sweater is always my best friend. The look is very simple and I love it! What do you think? What you wear on December cold weather?
Sweater, Padini
Skirt, Vietnam
Bag, KWC
Earrings, Bless Shop

 Whenever I wear something that I feel its beautiful on me, I always feel confident and happy with myself. So, instead trying to be someone else or wear something that uncomfortable for you  to be happy, why not to be happy on your own. Wear something that always make you happy and its will show on your face and the body will follow. I am having fun with my 88 friends, love her!

As always, I am the permanent fashion disaster! I don't know how to dress up very well.hahha.Here is the example. I wear skirt with flat shoes.Shorter than ever.hahahaa. But, for comfortable sake, I can do anything.

My officially first outfit picture on the train station. Don't waste your time by sitting and waiting but do something like this.hahhahaa. Kidding!

I don't have the V shaped of face that I always admire. I always hate my face look like but hating what I got is not change anything unless I do something that beyond my expectation. Love what you got and be thankful.

Watch, Kiwi New Zealand
Bracelet (Pink), 3 Eyes New Zealand
Bracelet( Neon) & Pink Bracelet, Forever21
 Christmas is near so let's show the spirit of Christmas..haha. We accidentally do the same red nail art. I feel the Christmas already!

Some random picture on train. Love the ahjumma, she always look at me and I don't know what she think of me.hahha. I don't dare to wished I can read her mind. 

 After the shopping trip, feeling hot? Don't go far..just search for the fan and do this..haha. People will look at you weirdly and I feel its fun.hahaa

Then, do some random pose or your favorite pose. Just like mine here.hahahaa

Lastly, thanks for reading and enjoy my pictures. Have a nice day! I leave you guys with the picture below.hahhaa. No meaning of this picture, just want to share the look of you guys.hahhaha. 
Laugh and be happy as much as you can and never stop love.

See you soon,
Estelle Paya

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