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Outfit Diary : Military inspired jacket+ Pink dress | My 25th Birthday

01 December 2013

Photo By Maznee Husin
Yeah..I am officially 25 years old..hahhaa. Maybe you'll think what the big deal being 25? Good question!Okay, for me 25 is the peak of my 20 era and it's really big deal for me because I feel that I will had more responsible, more life experience and more challenge to come. This year, I feel so grateful for being able to celebrate my birthday with my lovely and greatest friends at Bangi and Kuala Lumpur. I feel so touched by what they doing for me, all the things is really big and I really appreciate it. Thanks also for all the wishes, you wishes is really make my day and I feel so great because there people remember my birthday. As I am writing this post, it's already 12:17am, its already 1 December 2013. My day first as 25 years old lady. Here is some of my wishes for this year ahead..

1. Taking care of my family more better and love them more . I learned that, no matter what, love your family. I will try my best to make my family have a better home, better lifestyle and better relationship with each other and God and not to forget, I will try very hard to make my family happy always!

2. Taking care of myself more better. I will love myself and never compare myself with others. I am unique and God created me for a reason. My motto this year " Never say I wish, but say I will". I will always think positive and feeling grateful with whatever I had in my life.

This year I had special celebration for my birthday because before this I really wanted to play with "mini firework things" aka "bunga api" on my birthday and this year, I really can played with it.I really love this.

Not to forget that, Bibit also happy to celebrating my birthday..haha. They're my housemate ( one of my housemate is not here..huhu). We are wearing my first flower crown..haha.Sorry Bibit,there no flower crown for you..hehe.

To celebrate this special day, first I really appreciate what my friends did for me. On the morning of my birthday, we went for breakfast and eat our favorite. Our favorite is Dim Sum and we went to dim sum restaurant and the nearest at our place is Mexim Dim Sum. The dim sum quite good and I believe that, when we sharing our food, its will be more tastier.I feel so hungry right now..arr..

This year, I decided to spend my 25 birthday with my friend at KL, we just go around the Sogo, Jln Tar, Maju Junction, and MARA place to finding something that related to wedding. It will reveal soon. The first thing we need and must to is grab our lunch and here is our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. Its look delicious right but too bad its cold..huhu. But, I enjoyed my lunch, thanks Maznee for treat me this lunch..really appreciate it!

Here is some fun shoot using Xperia M.My friends, Maznee new smartphone. Too bad my phone is dried battery. What I love about this smartphone, its very light, camera is awesome and the location of power button is really strategic.. Sorry my baby, Xperia TX. 
Okay, let's me do some promotion a bit regarding SONY smartphone..hehe. I really love SONY smartphone because the camera quality is very high quality but  the front camera is not  quite good. I always use the front camera so I know it. Another things I love about SONY smartphone is the design. Love it!

After ate our lunch, time to go for round round this crowded area. We acted like a tourist, take picture at random place and people staring at us whenever we take picture..hahaa. They must think we just first time come to Kuala Lumpur..hahaha. It's okay, we just enjoy our time.Before that, let's talk about my outfit today. I am wearing my pink dress from F&F for Tesco, shoes from Charles& Keith, jacket from Forever21 and my legging from Bintulu.I really love experimenting the outfit using my jacket. It's kind unappropriate for me to wearing jacket at humid country but since its always raining now, so I can wear it.

There giant Christmas Tree in front of Maju Junction Mall. Yeahh..Christmas is really here. What I love about my birthday is whenever my birthday, I also feel excited think about Christmas. I feel like a double happiness for me.

Let's me introduce who is my friend that accompany me for this special day. Here you go! Maznee in the house. She very good friend and let's be friends until anytime, can I say it forever? hehehe.. Let's be friend forever okay?

Last but not least is there no birthday if there no cake right?
I want to do something special this year. I want cupcake without candles for this year. I will put my motto words on my birthday this year and luckly my motto words is on sale at this cupcake bakery.yeah!

That all for my birthday post this year. I am so thankful for this 25 years in my life. Thanks to GOD that always take care of me anywhere and anytime, my lovely and super duper love my parents that always support and love me no matter what. Not to forget, all my siblings that I always love and I will love you guys more than yesterday, let's love and support each others in this life. I am sorry if I had done something wrong. Last but not least, I also wanted to thanks all my friends that wish me happy birthday and make me smile, angry or any, thanks because that make me learned something in this life. You guys is flower and beautiful flowers in my world. Big thanks to everyone that know me, love you!
Finally, words from me.I will be a better person than yesterday. I will not crying over something that not for me and I promise to move on  my life no matter how hard it is. I will try my best. The past is the past and let's not see what already happened and flip to another chapter of my life. I will give my best on everything that I will do in my life. Lastly, I will life in positive way, no matter bad and really bad the situation, I will think positive and surrender everything in GOD hands. 

Thanks for reading my very very long post.

God Bless You,
Estelle Paya Roni 

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