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Outfit Diary : Wearing Kenyah traditional clothes

30 December 2013

Hi there!
After a very long time, I had or I make a chance and time to wear our Kenyah traditional custome. The meaning of my post above is " I am Kenyah Badeng Girl". I am is ake' and Leto is Girl. So, you know a bit of Kenyah language now, so let's practice " Ake = I am" and "Leto= Girl". Good!I always wanted to wear this traditional custome or its called " ta-a kelip". This is the ladies traditional custome for Kenyah. Beside this ta-a, there will be some accesories that will complete the look.I won't explained detailed regarding the ta-a accescories but I wanted to show or share my experience when wearing this ta-a. I am Kenyah girl but I didn't wearing it after very very very long time, I don't know how to do traditional dance so my chance to wear it is very rare. Who will wear this in normal life?Since I come back home this year, I will try wear it on my own and capture it as usual.

I think this is the basic one. There ta-a, tapung, selendang inuk, and belanyat as accecories to complete the outfit.

Trying to smile under the sun

Jaga' kenai leto' ngolep ikem..haha

I think this pose it not suit with what I am holding.. I should be more fierce!

Another pose of trying to smile under the sun.

So much better now but still trying..haha

That's wrap! Without love there no peace!

Okay, behind the scene..I really don't know how to wear it properly. Huahauah.. Thanks We' for helping me out! She should teach me how to wear it..hurmm!

Selca is never die for me. Everywhere is selca..hahahha ( evil laughing)

Okay, that all for this Kenyah traditional costume. Hope you enjoy it and hopefully by next year, I will wear it again. Its nice and lets upgrade the look..hahaha
P.S : I should write in Kenyah but I am trying so hard to translate the words.haha

See ya,
Estelle Paya

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