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Outfit Diary: White Lace Dress

Photo taken by Audrey Ping
Happy Thursday my friends. 
How it's going? Tomorrow is Friday so don't be sad. Weekend is almost there. Who doesn't love weekend? Tell me? Everybody love it right?Okay, last Sunday, I try to ask my friend to fitting on this dress but too bad, this dress just too big for her. Luckily, its really fit on me.Maybe, this dress is really made for me.So, I had some fun to trying this dress.But, for sure I am not going out with this dress because I bought this dress for special occasions such as engagement, and wedding. Don't be surprise I am not going get marry yet, still very far ahead me.So,  It will look weird when I trying to wear this on any event. Or I need to do something on this dress to make it appropriate?hehe..I called this dress MyWhite sweetheart because I feel like sweetheart when wear this dress..haha.When I feel like I am sweetheart,  I feel like wanna have a beautiful heart.
Let's have some fun..

Pardon me for the last picture. hahhahaa..
That's for all wonderful women in this world. Hope you'll like it.
The message of this picture is "As you growing up to be a good lady, you'll feel like life is empty, loneliness is always find you,feel like had everything but you always feel like you had nothing but don't let them come to you, be happy with this life. If you feel can't do that, just pretend to be happy and naturally, you'll be happy. Don't let the negative energy bother you!

See ya,
Estelle Paya Roni

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