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Outfit Diary : White Dress + Brown flat shoes

05 December 2013

Photo by Irene May

Hi there!

How it's going? Everything is okay in your life this week?
I always prayed that you will have a great week on this wonderful month. It's December, the month that full of festive and happy moment. Whenever I think of December, the things that come up on my mind is snow! White snow is fallen from the sky but I never experience this situation in my life and I want to experience this in future. I want make this dream come true before I am turn 30..I am a dreamer and I am want working hard on this dream. I want touch, feel and play with snow someday. Since our country is not four season country so we cannot experience this obviously but don't worry, we still can experience this kind of situation at some place (maybe at Genting, I think..), or worst case, just think the rain  is our snow. Just kidding!Speak of rain, I am aware that there some place in our country is face difficult situation ( flood) right now, especially Kuantan, Pahang ,Johor and also some place at Sarawak. Please pray for them so they can face this situation with strong heart and nothing bad happen to them.
Okay, move on.. I wanna share about one of favorite outfit this year. This picture was taken on April 2013, I didn't open my blog that time so I don't know where to share it so since I have my own blog now, here you go..hehehe.

Tips on wearing all white dress,
Tip#1 : If you had a "big" arms like me, when you wear sleeveless dress, wear jacket to hide the weakness. Don't show your weakness just like me..haha. For the jacket, find the jacket that fall on your waist. Don't wear the long jacket, it will make you more big.

Tip#2 : If you had a great body ( S Line or any line..haha), just add statement necklace to make the outfit more stand out!I don't have any statement necklace this time, so I didn't wear it.

Tip#3 : When its come to buy long skirt, I always fail because sometime I cannot find the right length dress for myself. So, tips to buy long dress, buy the dress that fall until your knee, don't buy too long or that will become floor sweeper..

Tips #4 : Wear thin belt, so I recommend buy thin belt in nude color and bright color, its will go with any outfit.

Tip#5 : Wear your high heels. For this kind of dress, I recommend the tip toe heels.* I only wear one of my favorite flat shoes with long skirt, totally fail but I like it!

Last but not least, I wanna share some my experience on my body and weight. Hopefully, it's will be useful for you guys. I always feel uncomfortable with my body. I always wish to be thinner like bla bla. I never appreciate my body type, I hate this part, this part and sometime, I feel I hate everything about me. I tried to exercise and do extreme dieting but nothing works. As I growing up day by day, I learned something that really useful to myself. Appreciate what you got and embrace it, don't hate yourself. You are beautiful as you are. My big sister did said this to me " you clothes is your first impression". I don't said we need to wear designer clothes to look beautiful or up-to date clothes, just wear the clothes that make you confident and feel good about yourself. What people think of you is small matter. I believe when you're confident on what you're wearing, you'll look good. 
That the small piece of advise to all my dear friends.
If you feel bad about yourself now, start looking at your best picture and you'll see how beautiful is you. Be beautiful in your way.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

Estelle Paya.

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