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{Skincare} : My Etude House shopping for Christmas

07 December 2013

Christmas is very near! I just can't wait for celebrate Christmas day. For me, Christmas Day is always a great day that I always wait every year because I can reunite with my family, friends, cousins and see my beautiful village that I always missed no matter where I am going. I am still village girl or more clearer I am Kampung girl, and I love that. I never forget where I am come from and I just want to be a better person but I will not going to change myself, I am still myself that always clumsy, happy go lucky and love God no matter what. Christmas day is not just full of fun and great things but I feel so thankful for the life that I had now. God is love everyone in this world.
I always tempted with some cute, beautiful and gorgeous things in front of my eyes. Sometime I wished my eyes is close whenever I saw beautiful things but God for give me good eyes so I can see the beautiful things in this world. Life is just once and you don't know when you going to die.Do everything good in your life.

Here is the beautiful things that I love for this Christmas.
1. Nail color. I love the super red color. I love to use it for Christmas Day this year.

 2. Tint Lips - I just love the color. Look neutral and I love pink for sure.

 3. The hand lotion - I love this because its cheap and the smell is nice and I feel like I am mature when use it..haha. But, I am not open it yet, I am thinking to give it as a Christmas gift but I love it!

 I never know there hand mask. Never try, so this time I will try it and see what going to happen on my hand.

4. Face mask - The packaging just so cute!

Have a nice day my friends...

Estelle Paya

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