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Thankful Christmas 2013 {Day1}

30 December 2013

 Day 1 {22 Dec 2013}
Opsie for my messy hair. I just finished take morning bath this time and I am so excited to take some picture of myself before I start eat after this and as usual gaining weight..haha. Its will always gaining weight every Christmas but I kinda love it, gain weight and lose weight, its routine for young girl..haha. What I hated or sometime love about taking bath at my kampung is the water is damn cold and every morning whenever wanna take bath, feel like wanna freeze.
I am totally love the picture of myself, not because I am beautiful, skinny or any that can define it but I love to see it someday and I remembered that I enjoyed my life as much as I can.

I think I always pose in this way. The "tumbang" pose.hahhaaa

Okay, I wanna introduce the little heroes of my life. I hope they will be greatest man in their generation and will be a good and gentleman in their life.
Start with the eldest,here they are..
This "laki manai"/little boy name is Anthony Ryan, 12 years old.

 Here is the fastest growing up. His name is Enrique Henlee Jack,7 years. We always called him as "adik manis" because he very closed with my parent and sometime we feel like we had a little brother.hahaha

Okay, among the boys this one is very quirky. His name is Roy Clinton, 8 years.
He always has pose whenever I say " I will take picture of you guys"..hahaha. I think he is funny little boy. Whenever we slept, he still come hugs the ahjummaz as usual. I think he did that since he sooo small and now, still the same.hahhaa

What the funniest moment with this little boy is I didn't realized there mosquito biting him and I enjoyed take his picture..haha. Sorry boy!

 Okay, finish of introducing my little boys.
They're actually my nephews and I feel like I growing old whenever see them but I don't want getting old yet.hahhaa.
In Kenyah Language said like this "mapo kupit".
The meaning is trying to against the aging.I guess..hahhaa

Thanks for reading and enjoyed the picture.

Estelle Paya

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