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Thankful Christmas 2013

30 December 2013

Hi my friends,
Before its too late, I wanna wish you Merry Christmas. I was away to countryside to celebrating this Christmas. I am a countryside or Kampung girl so this is  my usual routine every year in my life.
No matter far I went, this is place that I always wanna be. Even though this place no phone connection or internet connection ( only at school area has it) but I always so happy whenever back here.
This is place is the place I growing up, learned ABC, learned Math, or overall, learned to socialized in my life. There so much memories that I had in this lovely place. This place is always on my mind and it will be forever and ever in my heart. Seem like I will leaving this place soon,haha..nope. I just come back from there and I feel homesick now. Buahahahhahaa..feeling homesick at this age, its totally not growing up girl.hahaha.
This year Christmas is not like other Christmas that I ever had in my life. This Christmas is full of thankful. I feel thankful because God still gives us chance to see each of family members after 1 years  or several month we didn't meet. I still wanna be thankful even though the leader of our family which is my dad is unable to walk around to see how wonderful is Christmas, I feel thankful because God gives us life.

I am not bragging or whining about this Christmas, I really feel like this totally lesson for me as a daughter. Its hard to be a very good daughter in this hardest time for my dad. Saying something is always easy but when converted it to action, its totally different. I tried my best while I was on his side. He bear with all the uncomfortable and sickness, its very painful to see that. God will always with him and He will give us strength to face all these. For this Christmas, even though its not as merry as last year or previous year but this is THANKFUL CHRISTMAS.
I learned that "be thankful in every situation you ever face in life, take it as a challenge from God and look forward on what you can do, don't ever blame God for the hard time, ask for strength to face all these".
Maybe, just saying is easy, I know. I already experienced it but don't give up. Prayer is most powerful medicine that we had whenever we had a rough time, don't quit or give up. Stay strong and focused on GOD.
I take you to some view of my journey to my village. Its wonderful view but too bad my camera quality is not good enough to capture the great view.
My dream to capture more of this next year using high quality camera.

Wonderful view right?
I always love sky so I capture the sky that I loved the most.. Hope you enjoyed it as I enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!
Stay strong and look forward for your new year 2014.

Estelle Paya

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