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Thankful Christmas {Day 2}

30 December 2013

Day 2 { 23 Dec 2013}
Its "ngabang" time!
"Ngabang" means open house in English. During this "ngabang" time,you're free to go to any house that you always wanted to go(maybe..) or visit any of your relatives or friends or neighbors. Its depends on you. Usually, everyone will served you with their best food and some of modern biscuits that we usually seen during big festival like Hari Raya, Deepavalli and Chinese New Years. At my kampung, the "ngabang" duration is 3 days and its start from 8am~ 12pm. During this time, you're free to eat anywhere you went. You'll most welcome if you can eat a lot..hahaha. 

During the first day of "ngabang", I just went to one house, my sister's in law house. Its rainy day and I feel like not eating anymore because ate a lots at home..haha.So, here is the photo of our first "ngabang".
Oppsie, my picture again..haha

Okay, here is my third big sisters.. She is slimmer than me even though she has one little boy.huh!

So, here is my eldest sister, the one in white shirt. We had same face structure and almost same in every way.

Okay, let's pose on this lovely river ( This consider river right?..haha).. Its still look good and I enjoyed a lot when I "take bath" here..

The selca never die..hahaha. This time, pretend look somewhere else..hahahha

Introducing my fourth sisters, we almost the same.. we are the "healthiest" in our family. We always feel bad but take it easy...hahhaha

Last selca for today with my sister..hehe.

Just like day, day 1 of "ngabang" is passed like that. Whenever I am home, I feel like the time is moving sooooooo fast and sometime, I feel like I cannot catch up with time. There so many things to do and I always fall sleep early whenever I at kampung..sleep time is around 9pm like that and wake up at 8am something like that. Don't you feel that awesome?hahhhaa
Okay, next will be second day of "ngabang" and Christmas eve day..
I done something extreme..hahhaa..
Want to know how extreme is that? See you on next post!

Estelle Paya

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