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Thankful Christmas { Day 3}

30 December 2013

Christmas Eve Day

Day 3{ 24 Dec 2013}
Today is our house "ngabang" day.  This year, we just prepared a simple food and simple biscuits.
 But, rainy day again and if rainy day, there only few people will come to "ngabang". 
This Christmas is full of rainy day. I love rainy day but not this time. I want to share some of picture of our "ngabang" this year. Very simple! No decorations or fancy thing, just simple as this. Its okay, its still look lovely and we love the biscuits and foood..haha.

This is our lovely house. Our antics and simple house and hopefully, we can make it wonderful house someday.

Let's move on!
As I told you on previous post, I had done something extreme this Christmas Eve this year.
Want to know more? Keep reading... :)

Here it is!hahahhaha.. I know, you laughing right now. WHO the girl that you just see below?hahhhaa... That's me my friends. There no difference but the outfit is a bit different right? Its really suit me. I am ahjumma at my kampung. I am used people called me ahjumma whenever I dressed like this or even when I am not dress like this. I am enjoying it and I totally don't care what people think of me, and this who I am whenever I went back to kampung. I went to "uma" and dressed up like this. I think I shouldn't called it dressed up, lets called it "I wear like this"..haha.

After very long time, I didn't see how the paddy "growing" up and here I come again. Finally, I can see it again and the air surround the paddy field is very  refreshing but too bad, the weather is extremely hot and I am sunburn..huahauahaua.I don't dare to see my face..hahaha but that is normal when you're under the sun.During this precious time, I also capturing some photo that can always in my memories forever and ever.
I will never forget where I am from and I will always cannot change that but I can change what future ahead me with God there with me. I am talk a lot of God nowadays, but I kinda like it. I am in love with him. He is the greatest man I ever seen in my life.

This is panorama picture but seems its not work here, I guess or I don't know..haha

Okay, during the break, I love to capturing the moment like this. Pose like a silly person and if my "photographer " is good enough, I will pose more than this..hahhhahhahaha.
Usually, this what I am doing whenever went to do something like this..capturing the moment with silly, ahjumma or whatever it call. Its not bad being ahjumma at kampung, what the matter is what in your heart and your bank account.hahaha, agree? Lets dress like ahjumma so we'll had a lot of money on our bank account..

Oppsie, its too hot but I am not hot..hahhaha

Okay, here is my favorite part here. Capturing the wild fruit or flower.Some of the wild fruit is I used to eat when I growing up at kampung. During harvest time, this is one of wild fruit that I always eat. I think the name of this is "bampu" in Kenyah language. You cannot eat it if its look green but when its turn to yellowish, you can eat it. The taste is sweet.

Another one is here. We called this " buak lemutin" but we do not eat the flower. We just eat the fruit. This fruit will make you tongue look purple that I love the most of this wild fruit.Showing the purple tongue is always cool when I am little girl!

Chilli picking time... They're busying picking the chilli while I am busy capturing the moment...hahaha

My favorite.. Lia akau in the making...

Wild flower that I seen...

After the extreme activities, now its time for celebrate the Christmas Eve. I went to church with my sunburn face and its feel very hot..huhu. Lesson of this, don't do extreme things on Christmas Eve Day...hahaha.

That's how my Christmas Eve Day ended! Its full of activity and a lot of food, I totally enjoyed it and I love it! That how life must go on. Enjoy every moment and every food that God already give you. Don't ever feel like your day is wasted. Your day is never wasted, you always do something.

Thanks for reading!

See you soon,
Estelle Paya

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