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West Malaysia : Sunway Lagoon Part 2

As I mentioned previously, here the part 2 of my Sunway Lagoon experience. You'll see a lot of picture of myself here. You'll find or obviously find that I am look fatter or more fat than ever..haha but I don't mind of what that fat look like. Honestly speaking, I am myself feel so insecure and low confident whenever I need to show some skin. I gained so much weight this 2 years ( 2 years of working is 2 years of gaining weight) and I am struggling to lose my weight and I always feel sad and unhappy whenever I saw myself in front of the mirror. But, this year I promised myself for many times to love myself no matter size and how do I look. Nobody love you if you don't love yourself. People may call you fat and ask you to lose some weight, that good but if its that too harsh for you, think again, what really make you happy? I am happy with myself in this condition. I am fat and I am happy! I don't need to impress anyone with my body shaped. I just happy with what I had.
Okay, I talk too much about that. I am actually feel down about this because there someone call me fat and ask me to lose weight,hahhaa.. I just laughing and ask "who are you to ask me lose weight? I am happy with my world and I don't need people like you to make me happy."haha.
But, I do wanna lose some weight in future. Just wait and see!
Enjoy the photos..

West Malaysia : Sunway Lagoon 2014 (Part 1)

Its holiday time and as we planned, my housemates and I went to Sunway Lagoon. For me, this is not my first time went here and its my second time. Surprisely, there so many changes already, of course everything will changes in time and there no permanent thing in this world. If you want to know details about Sunway Lagoon, you can click this link : http://www.sunwaylagoon.com/You can find the info regarding the ticket price, operation hours and many. So, please read first before you go here.Whenever I went here, I'll automatically think of my "sweetest" time..haha. I always went to window shopping Sunway Pyramid ( its part of Sunway Lagoon) during my industrial training since I staying not very far from Sunway area last time. Okay, move on! That's is just memories and just keep it myself.

Outfit Diary : Story of black

Let's scream ahh!! I wearing all black again and I will wearing more all black after this.hahha
I love black because this color can make me look slimmer.But, don't wear black on bright and hot day ya, its really hot.
Everyone is love black right? Its simple and gorgeous at the same time. What you need to do is just wear it with some bright and colorful accessories and you'll never look like you went to funeral.
This time, I match my all black with my bright handbag ( I love this handbag, super cute and convenience!)
For the hair, since I wear all black so I know it will look hotter so to make myself cool down, I tied my hair and I always had a bad day hair so I just do whatever I wanted to hide the bad hair day. What do you think of my hair? Weird or nice?hehe

Outfit Diary: Superhero in you!

Photo by Ellis Mering
Happy Sunday!
As I write this post, my Sunday is almost over now.haha
Most of my Sunday time I spent with my lovely friends at Cheras. I really wanted to spent all my Sunday time with them by chatting, eating, singing some songs, teasing each other and sleeping. I find that kind of Sunday is really make my day. I love to chatting and teasing my close friends because we laughing to each other and appreciate our single moment for sure.haha
This week is really good week because one of my close friend got her dream job and she praying for that for very long time and now, God answering her prayer, so don't stop praying for whatever you need in life. When the right time, God will make it come true in the right place and right time.
But,why I suddenly talk about superhero? Usually people will talk about superhero whenever they inspired with any movie or any superhero custome. But, for me I so inspired to talk about superhero when I talking and see my friends around me.


{Outfits Diary} : My outfit on SONY TX50

Happy Saturday my dear friend!
Yeah!! Weekend is here again and I really love weekend because I can do anything that I love and what most important is I can sleep more.haha
This time, I want to share some of my silly pose in the fitting room that I ever been in 2012.Its already 1 years ago and I just can smile whenever I saw this bunch of photo of myself in front of mirror on fitting room and trying so many clothes, dress, skirt. I never get tired of myself in fitting room..haha. Some of the clothes I bought it and some I am not impressed with it, sorry!
I start addicted with this habit when I owned my first best quality camera or camera that really make me satisfy.Its Sony Camera TX50!!
Let's come and join me laugh at myself.haha, young and quite fun!haha

I still remember this time, I went to Alamanda Shopping mall alone for the first time. The worst thing is I hitting someone car but luckly its not that bad and he just let go. Thanks God! But, I learned something from this. Be careful always! Then, I hit the fitting room with some clothes and snap! snap! I think I wasting my young time here and I should do something useful than this time but its okay, I am young and always wanted to try to everything.hehe

Err.. can I said I look a bit small here compare to now?haha
I am so blissful now (hahahha) so that why I look so healthy! Kihkih..my body is changed but I still the same..haha

I love this skirt this time, but too bad! I feel so uncomfortable on it. But, its look comfortable on the picture right? Don't trust the picture ladies!

Same goes here! Its look nice on the picture but I just don't like the elastic band on this skirt. Its hurt my lovely belly.hheee

Okay, I am so surprised when saw this. Why? I cannot fit this jeans anymore.haha. Its too fit and feel like I suck myself on it. I missed the pink flat shoes too.. I really love this and I can't let go of it!

I like how it feel when wear this shirt but I just don't like the style..ermm..triangle in front of it, its will clearly make attention here..hahaha

That's all for all my silly posing!hehe


Outfit Diary : Red striped shirt + Black pant

Happy Day!
I had a lot of photo my favorite t-shirt this time.hahha, don't get boring ya! I am staying overnight at my friend's house so I just bring this t-shirt for Sunday services. I should bring more clothes next time.haha, never mind!
Its really rare for me to show my picture with wearing pants. I really feel uncomfortable whenever wearing pants. I feel so unsecure about my appearance from front and back. I feel like everyone is staring at me..haha.
Start from this moment, I want to start appreciate what I had and never complaint about it. If I feel uncomfortable, I will do some improvement. I want to love my butt and thigh!hahaha

{Wedding Ideas} : My love will never fail you

Photo Credit : abscbnpr.com

Happy Tuesday!
I come out with wedding post after a very long time.
I currently obsessed or too focused on DIY things so I don't have time to get some inspirations on wedding.
Okay, I cannot wait to let you know this. You may curious who beautiful and handsome people is on the picture?
Have you watched one Philipines drama on TV3 on 3pm? If yes, then I guess you know this couple.
Its my tea time, so I take time to watch it..hahha.
Previously, I am not really fan of Philippines drama because the main actress always been bullied by her partner's family or someone but this time, this drama storyline is different and fun. Why? Because its about one countryside girl that have a dream big and she met a super duper good guy, I mean financially.hahha, its kind of modern cindrella but she working so hard to make her dream come true, that the different.
What so special about this? I love their wedding!!! Its really fairytale wedding of the year.
Let's get some inspiration!

Maya-Ser Chief Wedding-1
Photo Credit : abscbnpr.com

'Our Fairytale Wedding_The Happy Ever After Begins'
Photo Credit : abscbnpr.com

I am so in love with her wedding dress and I am dreaming to create one like that.hahaha
Also, the entire of the video. Its really touching and sweet. I wish I can make someone wedding to be the touching story and make people feel the love.
You must watch the video and you'll know how I am feeling,

If you cannot watch the video, I did capture some picture for you. Of course, its capture screen so the quality is not really good.
Here the location of the wedding. I love this church view, its look so historical. 

Here the bride! How lovely is that veils and white rose on her hair. Totally inspired with this concept!

Here the wedding dress. Wedding dress is most important on one wedding. This wedding dress is totally gorgeous!!

She look so pretty and gorgeous!

The details of the wedding dress is here.

Okay, the entrance is super gorgeous. The effect of the wind is really make the bride so stunning.

Love her mum dress too. I think we should make one dress for our mum too on the big day.haha

Okay, I think this is the touching moment whenever I attending any marriage. Time for let go your precious to someone else. For the bride to be, control your feeling here.

The ceremony is begins.
The vows part is really touching and so sweet.

The veils is so simple and I love it!

And the bridesmaid hair caught my eyes! Simple and pretty!

 Okay, hope you find some inspirations!
Congratulations for your engagement and happy planning!!

Wedding Ninja,
Estelle Paya

Photo diary of Auckland,New Zealand

Hi there!
Sorting through my picture from my trip to New Zealand last year, its makes me miss New Zealand.But, forgive me if you don't like selfie.For me New Zealand is super lovely, calm and refresh country that I ever been and experienced and I like this kind of country. I love the people around me that always give smile to the stranger like me and always said " How are you?" even they don't know me. What a nicest place to live in.


Outfit Diary : Red Striped Shirt + Royal Blue Maxi Shirt

Happy Sunday my dear friends!
As usual, every Sunday I will post what outfit I am wearing to church.
Surprisingly, its under fashion but its not so high fashion..hahha. Its my fashion..kahkahkah.
Today, I am wearing my maxi royal blue skirt, that I bought at Bandung last year and I still in love with it.

Okay, you already saw me wearing the  t-shirt quite many time too, I am someone when I am in love, I will love it very long time.hahha, its just apply on my clothes only and I don't know what people think of me because I am someone that really clumsy when its come to something that called love. Oppsie. don't talk about that..hahha.
 What really makes me happy whenever I see my picture here is I love my long hair. I really love it and I will take care of it forever. I hope that I won't cut it whenever I feel stress again..haha.
Okay, enjoy the fun picture of mine for today.haha


{Real DIY} : Empty jar make over!

Happy Saturday!
I just realized I had so many lipstick and lip gloss..hahhaa.
So, to make it more organized, I will share one way how to make it more organized and easy to get! I will be using my empty "jar" that I get after I bought cabonara souce, I won't throw it but recycle it to make as my organizer.
Lets get started!

{Real DIY} : 3 easy gift wrapping ideas for Valentine day!

Have you ever feel so unlucky?
Whenever you go, there always something wrong happens and its always feel like there nothing is works for you or whenever you love someone, its end up with heartbroken or its really bad experience relationship in your life?
Don't worry! You are not alone, every grown up girl will get through all that. If you lucky enough, you always find the easy way to have a happy life. But, not everyone has that! Don't feel bad about yourself, you'll find you way next time. Keep hangin and be strong!
In this life, there no easy and shortcut things, if you really wanted to be a good person in this life, you need to be strong enough to face all the challenges and never get down because of it.
 My life is tough and full of obstacles but I am happy I am still stand up and stay strong every day. I am not a perfect, there one day or many days, I am struggling with myself. I am very stubborn and selfish and this attitudes is drive me crazy. I am trying everyday to improve my attitude towards this world and people surround me. I think there only way to make me change and improve, you need love inside your heart. Love yourself before you love others. Honestly, I don't understand what           " Love yourself before you love others" means previously.
But, now I understand what it is. Its mean, love all your weakness, strength and whatever you had, I still learning to do this now. If you cannot do that, for sure you cannot love others people.
Okay, this time, I once again very inspired with the words " You got lucky" or said it to yourself " I am got lucky!".

{Real DIY} : How to make Wedding Dress from doily paper.

Finally.. I know how to do this pretty and cute doily paper wedding dress.
Honestly, its pretty hard for the first time. I am not so fast for learning this kind of super cute DIY..haha.
But, after trying twice, I finally get it..its pretty easy and you can use your creativity after that.
Okay, I see your excitement face now. Okay, let's get started!


West Malaysia : Putrajaya { 11 Jan 2014}

As I promised on my previous post here, I will start exploring our lovely country one by one this year. Why?If I told you the reason, don't laugh at me. I am Malaysian Borneo so I am really not sure I will stay here until when or I am so unsure about my residing here. I know, one day for sure, I will going back to where I am belong. So, I want to make a good memories here and I want visit all the attractions here and share it with you guys.
So, this time, I had a chance to visit Putrajaya, Malaysia. What so special about Putrajaya actually?Okay, lets ask some info from google.com first. I don't dare to talk too much about the history about it, in case I said something wrong. So, here the info :
In Malay/Sanskrit, the words "putra" or "putera" means "prince" or "male child" ("girl child" is called "Putri" inSanskrit), and "jaya" means "success" or "victory". 
Putrajaya is a planned city, located 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur, that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia.  For more info, you can visit the Putrajaya official website ( http://www.putrajaya.gov.my/).

Outfit Diary : Beaded black shirt + Black Midi Skirt

Photo By Suzanne Lim
Its Sunday!
This Sunday is my first Sunday that I spend at church for 2014..haha
For the first Sunday, I couldn't attend because of my bad habit. I wake up very late..haha. Its not good habit.And this Sunday, my friends and I coincidentally wear all black for Sunday service at our church.For me, black always the color savior of the day. Whenever I feel like there no outfit to wear or feel so lazy, I always find that black always the good choice. You never go wrong with black. Trust me!This time, I wore my black skirt and my bling bling shirt that I bought 2 years ago. I really love this skirt and I can wear anything with it. Whenever you buy something, please think of variety style of it. I don't like buy something that I cannot style it many times. I feel like its not worth but sometime I make this big mistake, no excuse for girl like me. This bling bling shirt actually a bit short , I feel so uncomfortable whenever wear it with jeans or short. and I found out that, my black skirt is really can be her best friends.hahaha.

Outfit Diary: Cropped blue Jacket + Leopard maxi Dress (Speak of dreams)

Photo by Ellis Mering

Hello my dear friends!
I am back for the post about outfit this year..haha. The year just starting my dear so I am still figure out what should I do less and what should I do more in my life. I am almost complete to find what I am really passionate about and what I am really happy about. People always said "New year, New you", so I think they are right! and January is always the great month to start over everything and change the bad to a good ones.
This time, I want talk about is dream? What is your dream?
I think of this topic because its just beginning of the year so its a good to find out what your dream and be crazy about it and make it come true this year.


Visit Malaysia 2014

Photo credit : http://www.vmy2014.com/

After spending 6 years plus at West Malaysia, I feel like I never explore the West Malaysia very well.
I only go to the few places. I am Malaysian Borneo so I know, someday I will going back to my hometown for good. For this moment, I don't know where to settle down but I always dreaming to settle down to somewhere that I can always see and care about my parent. They're so important but now, I wanted to chase all my dreams and follow God directions for my life here.
I think you may know that, 2014 is year to Visit Malaysia . Last week is the grand launch for this event.
So, this year is great opportunity for me and my Malaysian Borneo friends to start explore West Malaysia very well and never stop explore.
Since its already started, lets start plan.hehe
If you wanted to find some more info, you can search for  their official facebook or visit their official website (http://www.tourism.gov.my/en/my) and see where you wanted to go.Very easy! You can access all the attractions at Malaysia very easy and convenient.
As for me, I already do the shortlist for places to go this year and some of the places I already went before but still wanted to go there again or maybe I just can update the memories. Lets started!

Outfit Diary : Just another time in fitting room

Good day my dear friends,
How was a going? You had a great day on the first week of January 2014 so far?
Hopefully yes!
If you face any obstacle in life this first week, you are not alone.
That's happen to me also. I had some situation that really kind of "hurt" me but the funny thing is I laughed at it.
So, whatever happens in your life this first week, don't worry! 
Everyone has it. That normal. 


Hello everybody!
Put your hands up, put your hands up!hahahhaa..
 I am so excited to welcome the new years now. I may do not what ahead me, but still I wanna feel excited and happy.
Finally the 2013 is going to end. I think this is really rough and wonderful years for me. I experienced so many thing that I never experience before in my life. No matter bad and good the memories I got, I am thankful for everything that happened.
That's what I write before I went to church to celebrate New Years 2014.
But,too bad! I forgot to click post..hahaha. A very clumsy me. But, its okay..still can do that now,right?
So, here is my reflection on 2013 and what I look forward for 2014..

2013 is a very wonderful and at the same time, its very rough and sometime,its make me cannot breath at all.
But, thanks to God and people surround me, friends and family that always be there for me and make me strong even though I feel really weak. I learned about real life in this 2013. I never experience this kind of tough situation of my life. I experienced the heartbroken that really make me cannot breath at all, cried almost every night whenever I think of it. During the heartbroken time, my dad is sick and temporary disable this time, this really make me sooo sad and more heartbroken, I cannot breath at all and I feel like I cannot handle this two big shock in my life. Now, I am thankful for this double heartbroken in 2013, I learned to be a real growing up girl. I learned that God is there for me no matter what happened in my life. At the same time, I learned to be thankful when there is gloomy day in my life. Its easy to be thankful whenever God blessed us with good things but this time, I really really learned how to be thankful when the dark day comes. Its hardest to say " Thanks God for the trouble and problems" but God know what inside my heart.
I believed God will healed my father and my father can walk again because all I know since I am young is the GOD that I praised for the whole of my life is never make me feel hopeless and he will do everything on the right time and right place. I believed that everyday.I am so thankful for the very exciting journey in my life, I never imagined that I will travelling so far from home and my country but I can do that on 2013. That a brand new experience in my life.
Move on 2014, the years that I look forward the most of my life. I am so excited to be on the journey with God this year. I want to grow more near to GOD and let's the world now, God is always good and HE is my strengthen forever.I am a very big girl now, I want learned to be a girl that can handle and control myself in every situation in this life. At the same time, I want make my dream and passion come true. I won't say what my dreams and wishes here because its too long to share...hahahhaa. Lets be THANKFUL for everything in your life.Have a great year ahead, no matter what, be a strong girl and never give up on what you working on. Life is uncertainty so give up everything on God's hand, He will take care of it.
This year, I want walk this life journey with God everyday and never be selfish anymore.

1 Thessalonians 5:16~18
Always be joyful and never stop praying.Whatever happens, keep thanking God because of Jesus Christ. This is what God wants you to do.


Thanks for reading my late post for welcoming the wonderful, awesome  2014.

God bless you,
Estelle Paya