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Photo diary of Auckland,New Zealand

22 January 2014

Hi there!
Sorting through my picture from my trip to New Zealand last year, its makes me miss New Zealand.But, forgive me if you don't like selfie.For me New Zealand is super lovely, calm and refresh country that I ever been and experienced and I like this kind of country. I love the people around me that always give smile to the stranger like me and always said " How are you?" even they don't know me. What a nicest place to live in.

I start fall in love with this country once I get out from airport and got see what the real New Zealand look like. I never come this far in my life and I can see what the real New Zealand and I can't wait to tell the story to my dad and how I feel, luckily I managed to tell him my story during 2013 Christmas and I really love his reaction. Love you dad!
The first words that come out from my mouth to the taxi driver is wow! I love New Zealand!!
I fall in love with blue skies, weather, fresh air ( I opened the taxi window to feel the wind) and environment, everything look so green and calm.  Its feel so different with what I had experience in my life.
I really want to go back to this lovely country and explore the whole country. My dream country to live in now is New Zealand and always Japan.
2013 is the toughest year in my life and I cried a lot last year because what I lost and what happened to my family. Its happens on the same time and I feel like I cannot handle it but I choose to not crying anymore and be tougher to see and face this world. 2013 is the toughest years and I can't say that the also the awesome years in my life. I can see another world that I never imagine to go and I feel freedom that I think I cannot get it. Every year I had new experience and I don't care what experience that I will get this year. Maybe there will be good and bad experience but I choose to move forward positively.Enjoy the some view from New Zealand. This view and how the feeling staying here, I will remember it for the rest of my life and I want to dream and live in this country. God, you know the best for me. :)

One of the vintage shop that I fall in love with. I will make one like this one day! Dream big and make it happen!

The famous tower at Auckland, New Zealand! I am happy because I can go here!

I always dreaming to feeding the birds on the street just like on the hollywood movies and its already happened to me.. Just simple things make me happy!

Diwali festival is happening here!

I love with this environment. There sun but you feel cold! I love that feeling and I wished I feel that forever in my life.

I love skies and sun at New Zealand so much!!! Sadly, I just had my smartphone during my trip.huhu

When I said I love and wanted to live at New Zealand, I mean it and really wanted that thing happen in my life. But, I don't want to selfish and stubborn lady anymore, I consider of my family's feeling. They're everything for me and I can't live without my family. If I really meant to live here, there will be a good way and I surrender everything on God's hand. He is the creator of my life and I sacrifice everything to him.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Hopefully you enjoy!

Live more positively and act positively!


Estelle Paya

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