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Outfit Diary : Beaded black shirt + Black Midi Skirt

12 January 2014

Photo By Suzanne Lim
Its Sunday!
This Sunday is my first Sunday that I spend at church for 2014..haha
For the first Sunday, I couldn't attend because of my bad habit. I wake up very late..haha. Its not good habit.And this Sunday, my friends and I coincidentally wear all black for Sunday service at our church.For me, black always the color savior of the day. Whenever I feel like there no outfit to wear or feel so lazy, I always find that black always the good choice. You never go wrong with black. Trust me!This time, I wore my black skirt and my bling bling shirt that I bought 2 years ago. I really love this skirt and I can wear anything with it. Whenever you buy something, please think of variety style of it. I don't like buy something that I cannot style it many times. I feel like its not worth but sometime I make this big mistake, no excuse for girl like me. This bling bling shirt actually a bit short , I feel so uncomfortable whenever wear it with jeans or short. and I found out that, my black skirt is really can be her best friends.hahaha.

Okay, here picture of the bride to be! I feel really proud of her and congratulations for your engagement my dear friend! Let's me become your "busy body" on your coming wedding day!hahhaa

I think you guys noticed something whenever I took picture, the background and places always the same.hahaActually, this place is around my church so I meet my friends at church so there will be someone to take picture of me.haha. Thanks you my friends for always support me in my passion. The house at my back is always there for me and maybe one day, I buy that kind of house.hahahhaOkay, move on now. Time for some time for the outfit for today.hehe

Okay, time for tips!
Tips to wear all black is wear some colorful on your wrist arm. For the this kind of skirt, don't forget to wear high heels, if'll look short..haha and don't forget to smile because smile is another great accessories! Plus, for all black you must be careful so your outfit don't end up look like you go to funeral. Lastly, wear comfortable shoes. Don't hurt you feet.For the shoes, I really recommend to buy some nude shoes. Nude shoes is never goes wrong with anything and its make your leg look taller.hahaha. I am also not good in choosing a good shoes but I am trying and experimenting now.

Thanks for reading this article! Hope you find its inspirational or if you have any comment, please do comment below!hahhaa.

Love ya,
Estelle Paya

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