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Outfit Diary: Cropped blue Jacket + Leopard maxi Dress (Speak of dreams)

12 January 2014

Photo by Ellis Mering

Hello my dear friends!
I am back for the post about outfit this year..haha. The year just starting my dear so I am still figure out what should I do less and what should I do more in my life. I am almost complete to find what I am really passionate about and what I am really happy about. People always said "New year, New you", so I think they are right! and January is always the great month to start over everything and change the bad to a good ones.
This time, I want talk about is dream? What is your dream?
I think of this topic because its just beginning of the year so its a good to find out what your dream and be crazy about it and make it come true this year.

I know, every one of us have their own dream right? Maybe, you dreamed to be an engineer,a doctor, a teacher, a chef, a photographer or even like me, I always dream to be involve in fashion world. With some mixed feeling, I wanna reveal that, I always dream to be fashion designer. I think I started had this dream since I get out from my village. I am a countryside girl and fashion is something that we never bother, what important is you have something to wear, look good and everyone love it, that enough! 
From what I think, we just aimed to be someone that work for government or private or work some else dreams for example to be nurse, teacher and engineer or something. I think we never had chance to dream to be other than that. When I  get out from my village to small town  and I see a lot of clothes or can I say beautiful and cheap clothes, all the beautiful clothes is really excite me and I really want to create and make a beautiful clothes. But, as for me a countryside girl that just started to know what the life beyond my village is I need to learned something that really secured and guarantee my future, I mean I need to take a courses that really guarantee me to get the job and help my family in future.
I am not brave enough to go on different path and always follow the path that people used to go. I scared to find my passion and I don't want to ruin my life just because of my passion that I not even know how to get started and what it really is.
This year, I don't want to hold on anymore about what I am really passionate about. I am so passionate about 4 things which is :
i.  Fashion ( even though I am not really fashionable, I want to give try)
ii.  Wedding ( I will started small by doing some DIY, help my friends planning and etc),
iii. Photography ( this really make me wanna wake up every day, capture all the moment, for this I need to save up money to really make it true, currently I just reading and understand about photography.)
iv.  Engineering is always on my mind ( I am not that really good on this but I wanted to fill up my brain with a lot of knowledge and now, planning something big for this).

So, whatever your dream and what you passionate about, just go for it and do your very best! If its really scared you, start it slowly and do your best in what you doing for living.
Its very easy to just said what your dream and to make it come true is really hard because your dream is always something that you may not see anything ahead you and you need to struggle and working hard to make it come true.  Do it everything passionately and you'll satisfy on whatever you do and you not wasted your life by doing something that make you feel lazy and unhappy everyday.
For the student friends, do your best in your study and never let your parent feel down because of you. Try to be the best among the best. You can do it!
For my working friends, lets do the best for our job and appreciate everything that you had and think carefully whenever you wanna do any big decision in your life. Always happy with your life and love people around you,family and friends passionately .Not to forget, our biggest daddy in heaven that always provide us with whatever we need. Keep praying!
Its really long post..hahaha. I wanna talk positively this year, not just on January but more years ahead me. Live positively, act positively and love passionately.
Okay, time for some photo of myself with my maxi gray leopard pattern dress.

Sunglasses : New Zealand from Karanghape road
Maxi dress : Kitschen
Top ( wear as jacket) : ROMP Jeans
Handbag : KWC
Sandals : Charles & Keith ( Old collection)

So, what do you think of this outfit? Hope you like it and find some inspirations..haha.
If you have any comment or something, you can always comment below.
Lastly,thanks for reading!
Have a nice days ahead on 3rd week of January.

Love ya,
Estelle Paya@Aya

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