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Outfit Diary : Just another time in fitting room

06 January 2014

Good day my dear friends,
How was a going? You had a great day on the first week of January 2014 so far?
Hopefully yes!
If you face any obstacle in life this first week, you are not alone.
That's happen to me also. I had some situation that really kind of "hurt" me but the funny thing is I laughed at it.
So, whatever happens in your life this first week, don't worry! 
Everyone has it. That normal. 

As for me, what happen is someone hit my car from the back..Its my first time!
I think its really bad actually but thanks God for saved me and my Oppa (my car) so we okay.After getting hit, I just pressed the Emergency button because its during red traffic light so I get out from my car hoping that everything will be okay and the "hitter" also come out and luckily there nothing wrong with my car. But, too make it short, there something wrong on my car actually..haha but I did not ask the phone number. So, the moral values of this experience is whenever people hit you on the road, don't forget to ask phone or contact number so easier for you to contact them if anything happen. Don't be just like me. Too innocent..hahaha.Okay, let's move on to another story.
As you may seen on my instagram (@estellepaya), you'll see Kit Kat but its not ordinary Kit Kat that we found at Malaysia. What I mean is Red Bean Kit Kat from Japan. Have you try this Kit Kat?I received this Kit Kat from my Japanese colleague. Thanks ya! I like it..hehe.

Lastly, I went to window shopping at Alamanda shopping mall. Its the nearest shopping mall from my house.Actually, I went there to change my brother's shoes but too bad, I bought it before Christmas so I cannot change it.huhu.So, I spend my evening sunday to go in and out to fitting room for do some fitting..haha. I am just want having fun alone and I kind like it though! I used to be alone all the time, I love it. Nobody disturb me and I can do anything own my own.Honestly speaking, I gaining weight all the time and the weird thing is I sometime like it and sometime hate it.I like it because I can be me, means I can eat anything without any worries. What a wonderful world,baby!I hate it because it will be stressful whenever I went to fitting room or try wear any my clothes or pants. My mood will suddenly down whenever I realized I am gained weight and some of the old clothes cannot fit in anymore. The solution for the girl like me is eat right and exercise! I don't know how many times did I told this to myself.haha. I love myself and trying my best to be a better me. :),Time to posing in the fitting room, have you do this? or just me ever do this?hahaha

I am sorry for the sudden appearance of the red skirt. This is outfit of the day. Just wearing this pairing for day out today.Simple and relax!

Okay, I am in love with this lady. Love the style of this skirt. I am thinking how to style it already and I get the idea. It will come very very soon..haha

 The close up of myself for the first week of January 2014. I had so little pimples on my face for this moment but you cannot see it..haha. Thanks to my The Face Shop concelear. It totally cover up plus thanks to my Sony Smartphone camera, you always makes me happy and feel beautiful..

Lastly, trying to do some innocent and good girl face.haha. I am a good girl for sure..hhahaha.
Be a good girl and don't be naughty naughty..ehhe

Got to go work, have a nice day!
Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

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