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Outfit Diary : Red Striped Shirt + Royal Blue Maxi Shirt

19 January 2014

Happy Sunday my dear friends!
As usual, every Sunday I will post what outfit I am wearing to church.
Surprisingly, its under fashion but its not so high fashion..hahha. Its my fashion..kahkahkah.
Today, I am wearing my maxi royal blue skirt, that I bought at Bandung last year and I still in love with it.

Okay, you already saw me wearing the  t-shirt quite many time too, I am someone when I am in love, I will love it very long time.hahha, its just apply on my clothes only and I don't know what people think of me because I am someone that really clumsy when its come to something that called love. Oppsie. don't talk about that..hahha.
 What really makes me happy whenever I see my picture here is I love my long hair. I really love it and I will take care of it forever. I hope that I won't cut it whenever I feel stress again..haha.
Okay, enjoy the fun picture of mine for today.haha

Here you go! Latest picture of my long hair..hehe. Hair is just like my crown and I trying my best to take care of it.

 Do more what makes you happy!

Doubt kills more dream than failure ever will. Do everything passionately and always smile in every situation.

Always take care of yourself very carefully. Don't ever let people look down at you because of your attitude. Be a high manner girl but nice girl.haha

We are Leto' Data Kakus @Cheras Awana

Cherish every moment with people around you because they're precious and they are sent by God to help and be with you in your journey in this life.

Be beautiful in the way you are. Don't ever look down on yourself and always remember whatever weakness that you had, they're not worth to let you down. Always head up!

 Whenever people said  "You can't do it, don't take it to your heart, keep doing what they said you can't do it. Do it more!"

I believe that Love is Peace. I forgive everyone that ever hurt or accidentally hurt me sincerely and I love them as a friend that God already sent to me. Never hate people in this life because its useless.
Life happily and if you can't have that happy life, just pretending you are happy and eventually, you'll happy!

 Lastly, you're your own competitor. Always believe in yourself and be confidence in everything you do in your life but make sure its good things.haha.

Thanks for reading or enjoy the photo.
I just love taking picture of myself with my favorite outfit.

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

Estelle Paya

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