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Outfit Diary : Story of black

Let's scream ahh!! I wearing all black again and I will wearing more all black after this.hahha
I love black because this color can make me look slimmer.But, don't wear black on bright and hot day ya, its really hot.
Everyone is love black right? Its simple and gorgeous at the same time. What you need to do is just wear it with some bright and colorful accessories and you'll never look like you went to funeral.
This time, I match my all black with my bright handbag ( I love this handbag, super cute and convenience!)
For the hair, since I wear all black so I know it will look hotter so to make myself cool down, I tied my hair and I always had a bad day hair so I just do whatever I wanted to hide the bad hair day. What do you think of my hair? Weird or nice?hehe

Strike the pose anywhere I can!hahaha.. I think I am sooo "crazy" and I can't wait to owned my camera. ahh!!!

Sorry for the bad background.haha.. I shouldn't say sorry for that right? I promise will find some good and nice background for all my picture in future.hehe

That's wrap for myself!! My friend getting tired to be my photographer.haha. Have a nice day and smile always!! Love ya!


Estelle Paya

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