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Outfit Diary: Superhero in you!

26 January 2014

Photo by Ellis Mering
Happy Sunday!
As I write this post, my Sunday is almost over now.haha
Most of my Sunday time I spent with my lovely friends at Cheras. I really wanted to spent all my Sunday time with them by chatting, eating, singing some songs, teasing each other and sleeping. I find that kind of Sunday is really make my day. I love to chatting and teasing my close friends because we laughing to each other and appreciate our single moment for sure.haha
This week is really good week because one of my close friend got her dream job and she praying for that for very long time and now, God answering her prayer, so don't stop praying for whatever you need in life. When the right time, God will make it come true in the right place and right time.
But,why I suddenly talk about superhero? Usually people will talk about superhero whenever they inspired with any movie or any superhero custome. But, for me I so inspired to talk about superhero when I talking and see my friends around me.

For me, everyone is their own superhero. Maybe, you cannot be superhero like superman, wonder women, sailor moon that can save the world. But, you are strong enough to be someone that you really wanted in your life. You always work hard to make your dreams come true, that is superhero of you. I always believe that, we can always change our own future and we can have what life that we really wanted. It maybe hard and always be really hard but keep strong and never give up!
Okay, move on on the weekend outfit. This week I wore my overused round skirt for many times already. I bought this skirt at Vietnam and I wore it for first time there and its feel so comfortable for go around the town to get some fresh air.

One of my resolution this year is taking picture of my outfit every weekend and share it on my blog as my hobby and its really nice to see how I wear my outfit for many times and in different way. It may simple and nothing special, but I will always love how I mix and match.haha.

I wore my favorite sunglasses that I wore for many time in sunny day. This time, I wore it here because I scared that my eyes look so small in the picture.hahhaa. Oppsie for the background, they do some renovation..huhu

 Always believe in yourself and no matter what people say about you, just keep quite and keep doing whatever you like. Don't always live in people's perspectives.

 I feel like I am getting bigger and I am really worry and blame myself, but I choose to love myself no matter how I look like. Beautiful comes in many sizes and I want to be pretty in my own way and I wanted to be good to myself.

There one song that I always remember, " Masa muda hanya sekali", and everyone know that, the songs its really true and I embrace and enjoy my young time with whatever I like and I loved.


Okay,January is almost gone and I had a great and confused month so far..haha but still I want to share so flying kisses with my dear friends! Have a great week and be happy always! Stay strong in any situations and don't forget to pray!


Estelle Paya

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