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{Outfits Diary} : My outfit on SONY TX50

Happy Saturday my dear friend!
Yeah!! Weekend is here again and I really love weekend because I can do anything that I love and what most important is I can sleep more.haha
This time, I want to share some of my silly pose in the fitting room that I ever been in 2012.Its already 1 years ago and I just can smile whenever I saw this bunch of photo of myself in front of mirror on fitting room and trying so many clothes, dress, skirt. I never get tired of myself in fitting room..haha. Some of the clothes I bought it and some I am not impressed with it, sorry!
I start addicted with this habit when I owned my first best quality camera or camera that really make me satisfy.Its Sony Camera TX50!!
Let's come and join me laugh at myself.haha, young and quite fun!haha

I still remember this time, I went to Alamanda Shopping mall alone for the first time. The worst thing is I hitting someone car but luckly its not that bad and he just let go. Thanks God! But, I learned something from this. Be careful always! Then, I hit the fitting room with some clothes and snap! snap! I think I wasting my young time here and I should do something useful than this time but its okay, I am young and always wanted to try to everything.hehe

Err.. can I said I look a bit small here compare to now?haha
I am so blissful now (hahahha) so that why I look so healthy! body is changed but I still the same..haha

I love this skirt this time, but too bad! I feel so uncomfortable on it. But, its look comfortable on the picture right? Don't trust the picture ladies!

Same goes here! Its look nice on the picture but I just don't like the elastic band on this skirt. Its hurt my lovely belly.hheee

Okay, I am so surprised when saw this. Why? I cannot fit this jeans anymore.haha. Its too fit and feel like I suck myself on it. I missed the pink flat shoes too.. I really love this and I can't let go of it!

I like how it feel when wear this shirt but I just don't like the style..ermm..triangle in front of it, its will clearly make attention here..hahaha

That's all for all my silly posing!hehe

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