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{Real DIY} : 3 easy gift wrapping ideas for Valentine day!

18 January 2014

Have you ever feel so unlucky?
Whenever you go, there always something wrong happens and its always feel like there nothing is works for you or whenever you love someone, its end up with heartbroken or its really bad experience relationship in your life?
Don't worry! You are not alone, every grown up girl will get through all that. If you lucky enough, you always find the easy way to have a happy life. But, not everyone has that! Don't feel bad about yourself, you'll find you way next time. Keep hangin and be strong!
In this life, there no easy and shortcut things, if you really wanted to be a good person in this life, you need to be strong enough to face all the challenges and never get down because of it.
 My life is tough and full of obstacles but I am happy I am still stand up and stay strong every day. I am not a perfect, there one day or many days, I am struggling with myself. I am very stubborn and selfish and this attitudes is drive me crazy. I am trying everyday to improve my attitude towards this world and people surround me. I think there only way to make me change and improve, you need love inside your heart. Love yourself before you love others. Honestly, I don't understand what           " Love yourself before you love others" means previously.
But, now I understand what it is. Its mean, love all your weakness, strength and whatever you had, I still learning to do this now. If you cannot do that, for sure you cannot love others people.
Okay, this time, I once again very inspired with the words " You got lucky" or said it to yourself " I am got lucky!".

I am so lucky to have my parent that always make me strong everyday and never stop support me. As I grown up, I spend less time with them, that really makes me feel bad everyday but I am trying to spend some of the moment and what I got with them. They're the person that I really love in my life, one question I want asked them " Can you both be my parent in heaven again? ". God will blessed this two amazing person.
I am so lucky also to have 5 siblings. Its funny when I am thinking the times we fought because of small thing and sometime we had different thoughts.hahhaha. You guys are amazing and I will never forget whatever you have done in my life and I always love you guys! Forgive me if I can be a good little or big sister. I always try my best to be the one.
I am so lucky to have new and old friends. I love you guys!
So, since we are far away from each other now, I wanted to share some gift with you guys.ahahha
I will make it for you guys next time when we meet.hahhaa.

The first one is You got LUCKY!

 Second one is Love is peace! 
This my first trying so its not look like love.hahahha.
Forgive me!

 Okay, the 3rd one is really precious ideas.
You can give this to your love one with one thumdrive that full of your memories.
As for me, I will store all the 2014 memories inside this cute jar.hahahha

 Thanks for visiting and have a great day ahead!
Hope you'll try!

Happy Weekend!
Estelle Paya

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