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{Real DIY} : Empty jar make over!

18 January 2014

Happy Saturday!
I just realized I had so many lipstick and lip gloss..hahhaa.
So, to make it more organized, I will share one way how to make it more organized and easy to get! I will be using my empty "jar" that I get after I bought cabonara souce, I won't throw it but recycle it to make as my organizer.
Lets get started!

What you need :
1. Empty/clean jar
2. Doly paper
3. Ribbon
4. Glue ( I prefer glass glue here.)

Step 1:
Clean your empty glass jar with vinegar to clear all the oily and dirty on the glass.

Step 2:
Write any inspirational/ any message on your color paper and cut it in what you wanted.

Step 3:
Just glued it on the jar in the way you wanted.

Step 4:
Insert all your lipstick and lips gloss on the glass.

Step 5:
Put the doily paper and secure it with ribbons.


Before we end, here is my lipstick, lips gloss or any..

Thanks for reading and visit!
Hope you get some inspirations for next surprised for your lovely friends or love one!hahhaa
Good Luck!

Estelle Paya

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