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{Real DIY} : How to make Wedding Dress from doily paper.

16 January 2014

Finally.. I know how to do this pretty and cute doily paper wedding dress.
Honestly, its pretty hard for the first time. I am not so fast for learning this kind of super cute DIY..haha.
But, after trying twice, I finally get it..its pretty easy and you can use your creativity after that.
Okay, I see your excitement face now. Okay, let's get started!

First, what supplied you'll need:
 1. 2 pieces of Doily Paper
2. Stick Glue * I recommend the stick type because you don't want your end product become messier.
3. Scissor - You need this when create the top of the dress.
4. Square Paper
5. Pencil
6. Ribbon * Any color that you prefer

Okay, let's start!

Step 1 :
Find out about the doilies paper. There difference between the surface of doilies paper.

Step 2:
Rough side face up and pretty side is down. Then, fold the doily just to the white circle at the bottom. Don't fold the doily in half completely, because you're wanting to create 2 layers of the dress.See the picture below.

Step 3:
Take the right corner of the doily paper and brings it towards left.

Step 4:
Mark the centre of the doily paper and do so as below.

Step 5:
 Just fold the doily paper to make it look like lovely dress.

Step 6:
So, here the final step of making the dress.
Step 7:
For the top part, there a lot of method actually but I choose the easist one. Take another doily paper and do so as below:
Step 8:
Connecting time! 
So, here the final product!

So, now.its up to you to make it for your invitation card, wedding shower, you can do anything.

I prepare some ideas for you:

i. invitation card
ii. wedding shower
iii. Congratulations card
iv. Put on the paper bag
v. Put on the glass ( gift for bride)
Thanks for reading and happy trying!

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