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{Wedding Ideas} : My love will never fail you

22 January 2014

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Happy Tuesday!
I come out with wedding post after a very long time.
I currently obsessed or too focused on DIY things so I don't have time to get some inspirations on wedding.
Okay, I cannot wait to let you know this. You may curious who beautiful and handsome people is on the picture?
Have you watched one Philipines drama on TV3 on 3pm? If yes, then I guess you know this couple.
Its my tea time, so I take time to watch it..hahha.
Previously, I am not really fan of Philippines drama because the main actress always been bullied by her partner's family or someone but this time, this drama storyline is different and fun. Why? Because its about one countryside girl that have a dream big and she met a super duper good guy, I mean financially.hahha, its kind of modern cindrella but she working so hard to make her dream come true, that the different.
What so special about this? I love their wedding!!! Its really fairytale wedding of the year.
Let's get some inspiration!

Maya-Ser Chief Wedding-1
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'Our Fairytale Wedding_The Happy Ever After Begins'
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I am so in love with her wedding dress and I am dreaming to create one like that.hahaha
Also, the entire of the video. Its really touching and sweet. I wish I can make someone wedding to be the touching story and make people feel the love.
You must watch the video and you'll know how I am feeling,

If you cannot watch the video, I did capture some picture for you. Of course, its capture screen so the quality is not really good.
Here the location of the wedding. I love this church view, its look so historical. 

Here the bride! How lovely is that veils and white rose on her hair. Totally inspired with this concept!

Here the wedding dress. Wedding dress is most important on one wedding. This wedding dress is totally gorgeous!!

She look so pretty and gorgeous!

The details of the wedding dress is here.

Okay, the entrance is super gorgeous. The effect of the wind is really make the bride so stunning.

Love her mum dress too. I think we should make one dress for our mum too on the big day.haha

Okay, I think this is the touching moment whenever I attending any marriage. Time for let go your precious to someone else. For the bride to be, control your feeling here.

The ceremony is begins.
The vows part is really touching and so sweet.

The veils is so simple and I love it!

And the bridesmaid hair caught my eyes! Simple and pretty!

 Okay, hope you find some inspirations!
Congratulations for your engagement and happy planning!!

Wedding Ninja,
Estelle Paya

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