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West Malaysia : Putrajaya { 11 Jan 2014}

12 January 2014

As I promised on my previous post here, I will start exploring our lovely country one by one this year. Why?If I told you the reason, don't laugh at me. I am Malaysian Borneo so I am really not sure I will stay here until when or I am so unsure about my residing here. I know, one day for sure, I will going back to where I am belong. So, I want to make a good memories here and I want visit all the attractions here and share it with you guys.
So, this time, I had a chance to visit Putrajaya, Malaysia. What so special about Putrajaya actually?Okay, lets ask some info from first. I don't dare to talk too much about the history about it, in case I said something wrong. So, here the info :
In Malay/Sanskrit, the words "putra" or "putera" means "prince" or "male child" ("girl child" is called "Putri" inSanskrit), and "jaya" means "success" or "victory". 
Putrajaya is a planned city, located 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur, that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia.  For more info, you can visit the Putrajaya official website (

There so many building and monuement at Putrajaya and I don't think I had so much time to visit all and if I have the time, I think my friends will get tired of me.Sorry my dear friend for dragged you for this journey.
So, I only visited the building and monument that shown on Malaysia Tourism website.
As for yesterday, I visited 4 building and monument or bridges as below:
i. Putra Mosque
ii.Perdana Putra
iii.Putra Bridge
iv. Seri Wawasan

Let's having some fun!

The first one is Putra Mosque. Here it is.

Lets go! This is the front view. Sorry I couldn't take the full building, wait for my camera.haha

Don't worry if you feel thirsty or hungry during your visit here. There some shop here so you can have your dinner or buy something to eat here and enjoy the sunset view. On my back is the shop view.

The second building is Perdana Putra. Here is our Prime Minister office.

Time for myself to take a good memories of the building..hahaha. 

 This is really beautiful bridges during night. On my back is Seri Wawasan Bridge. I don't have chance to get the colorful bridge, next time ya!

Some picture of myself with the bridge..hehe.

 Lastly is Putra Bridge. Its on my back..hahaa.Its on my left.

Don't feel sad Aya! Cheer up and be happy..ahha. Peace!

 We end up our quick trip by enjoying the view of Seri Wawasan and Putra Bridge view! This is my first sunset with my dear friend, Ellis. Thanks for capturing and patient with myself that full of passion on this.

 Here is my good and very long time friend..

If you ever wanted to go here, bring some snack or ice cream and then, enjoy the moment. For us, we bought Mcflurry Oreo, my favorite!

Next is I wanna try the Cruise..ahhaha. Wait ya! This one is need budget..hehe

Okay, thanks for reading and if you have time, go visit Putrajaya, its really nice place and for photographer, you need to came here and skill up your skill.hehe

Love ya,
Estelle Paya

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