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West Malaysia : Sunway Lagoon 2014 (Part 1)

31 January 2014

Its holiday time and as we planned, my housemates and I went to Sunway Lagoon. For me, this is not my first time went here and its my second time. Surprisely, there so many changes already, of course everything will changes in time and there no permanent thing in this world. If you want to know details about Sunway Lagoon, you can click this link : can find the info regarding the ticket price, operation hours and many. So, please read first before you go here.Whenever I went here, I'll automatically think of my "sweetest" time..haha. I always went to window shopping Sunway Pyramid ( its part of Sunway Lagoon) during my industrial training since I staying not very far from Sunway area last time. Okay, move on! That's is just memories and just keep it myself.

I will divide my story at Sunway Lagoon(SL) into 2 part because I had lot of picture to share with you guys. For the part 1, I will share the view and what I am doing there..
Let's enjoy the view and start to planning having fun here ya!I think its better to went here whenever its not a public holiday. Why? There will be so many people whenever its public holiday or weekends. We are lucky because we are holidaying yesterday so there not much people. Here the bracelet for entrance. I'm not sure why we don't get the watches anymore. Last time, in 2010 we did get watches for entrance, so this is the changes that I notice first. Okay, let's go explore the Sunway Lagoon for the second time.

Here the view of the entrance! You'll see the roller coaster first. I will share the story of roller coaster later..

Okay, first we went to the water park. But,  I don't know why I feel like I don't want to play with water. Maybe, I feel like I am old already?hahahaa. But, actually I cannot enter since my outfit code is wrong ( I wore jeans short pant went here..hahhaa). So, I just enjoying and capturing picture.
 Err.. look very scary for me! I don't like this kind of thing..ughh! Feel like wanna vomit already!

This is the big changes that I saw here for 2014. I don't know when they started this but this is totally new for me. I don't dare to try it. Really scary and I am not ready for this.haha


Okay, this is waterplexx5D. This one kind of fun. We kind of watching 3D movie but this is 5D so you'll feel like you are in the real situation. If there any water splash, you'll feel it. Totally fun for me. I recommend bring your kids here, they'll never forget this experience.

 This is just normal water park. This suitable for kids only..haha

Then, after Water Park, we went to Wild Animal Park. Its not that wild actually..hahha, just walk around and enjoying some view that I never had chance to see before. 

What my opinion about SL is this area is kind of luxurious place. I mean look at the  building that they had, they had their own shopping mall, hospital, universities and theme! I don't know who the owner of all these but they're totally blessed!

Then, I found this! Its totally give me inspiration about wedding. This is very beautiful when you do your garden theme wedding.hahha.. Anyone?? But I think to rent the place here is very very expensive right?

 This time, I even ride the cute train to view around SL. I feel sleepy and tired but need to having fun and not waste my money.

 I finally can walk on this bridge. I really scared of high actually but this time, I can overcome it and its fun and scary at the same time. What I learned from this is everything situation in this world had their own solution.

I believe that, there no good things happen everyday in our life. I always expect something wrong will happen in every situation. I always prayed that nothing wrong happen but sometime we cannot avoid it. So, this is the place that I had my bad time.

Small accident happen to me here and I still suffering now. I hit the wall during my fun time here. I always visit this kind of place last time, I even went to HK Disneyland but this not happen to me. When I went to SL, I totally screwed!!! My nose feel like broken pieces now. Luckily, my housemate helping me on this. Thanks guys! Hopefully, my nose is okay.

Okay, that all for part 1.
See you on part 2.

Thank you very much!

Love ya,

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