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West Malaysia : Sunway Lagoon Part 2

31 January 2014

As I mentioned previously, here the part 2 of my Sunway Lagoon experience. You'll see a lot of picture of myself here. You'll find or obviously find that I am look fatter or more fat than ever..haha but I don't mind of what that fat look like. Honestly speaking, I am myself feel so insecure and low confident whenever I need to show some skin. I gained so much weight this 2 years ( 2 years of working is 2 years of gaining weight) and I am struggling to lose my weight and I always feel sad and unhappy whenever I saw myself in front of the mirror. But, this year I promised myself for many times to love myself no matter size and how do I look. Nobody love you if you don't love yourself. People may call you fat and ask you to lose some weight, that good but if its that too harsh for you, think again, what really make you happy? I am happy with myself in this condition. I am fat and I am happy! I don't need to impress anyone with my body shaped. I just happy with what I had.
Okay, I talk too much about that. I am actually feel down about this because there someone call me fat and ask me to lose weight,hahhaa.. I just laughing and ask "who are you to ask me lose weight? I am happy with my world and I don't need people like you to make me happy."haha.
But, I do wanna lose some weight in future. Just wait and see!
Enjoy the photos..

I like this Ice Cream..yummy!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Special thanks to my dear housemate for this. :)
Happy Holiday!

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