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Outfit Diary: White Shirt + White Long Skirt [ Dancing Outfit]

Happy Sunday!
Let's praise God in every move of our life. God is good all the time!
That's one of the mission of my life, I wanted to give thank ( sincerely) to God for this life, my precious life.
Our life may not always as we wanted or as we planned but I wanted to give thanks to God for always being there and fulfill whatever my needs. His planning is better than mine.
Honestly speaking, I am not really good Christian because I always done something according to my heart and not according to what God wanted me to do. I always fail to hear His voice. I need improvement on this. I believe that, LOVE IS PEACE and love is not only for one person or family or someone that related to you but people around you. To love people around me, I need to  totally love myself and accept myself for everything. I believe that the more I love myself ,  the more love will flow to other people around me. Logically, how come you love other people when you can't love yourself first?
Today, another great day in my life. I had chance or can I called it "calling" to serve our greatest God. We're dancers for God for this week after very long time of "resting". I am not good in dancing but I don't care!hahaha. I try my very best to give the best to God. Now, my hand feel painful because of the movement.haha, its not that hard but my hand such a baby girl.I love to have chance to dance more next time. I am suck at it but its okay, just do it!
As usual, I will show my Sunday outfit. But, this week a bit special since I will wear the dancer outfit so just plain white long sleeves shirt and white skirt. I forget to bring my necklaces to wear after church service. But, never mind..let's just take picture with what I had. Another great memory of my life this week is I met my best friend and his wife  plus with the cute baby, Bonga ( really love her name..such a cutie!). After very long time we do not meet each other,we meet again and we always do and talking about crazy stuff and how life going so far. Its feel so awesome and at the same time, I feel old already.haha. He and his wife is young than me but they had a baby already. Hurmm..when its my turn ar?hahhahaaa...Psst! Change topic!.
For me, best friend is friendship till we die and leave this world. No matter what you done. we always best friend forever!


Outfit Diary : Cropped Denim+ Birdy Maxi Dress

Happy Sunday!
Hope you had a lovely Sunday as always.
As for me, I always had a lovely Sunday because I was surrounded with people that full of love and laughter. I am so happy when surrounded with all my good friends. I never feel lonely like I used to be when I am  all by myself. If you live alone, especially single girl, don't waste your time by staying alone in your house, go out and do something awesome! If you are not outdoor person, do awesome things on your own.Never waste the time by wondering about anything that you never know.
I like to talk about dream since I love to dream.hahaha. As I growing old, I feel like I dare to dream of anything and never stop dreaming and never stop to make it become reality. Maybe, some of my dream not yet become true but I know, God knows the right time and its will happen. What should I do is working hard and praying hard. So, the same goes to you. Work hard and praying hard no matter what your religion. Don't waste your single day without any dream. Dreaming is good but make sure its not day dreaming, working hard and go for it.

{Real DIY} : How to make origami Kudusama flower?

Happy weekend my friends!
This weekend is special. It may not long weekend but its my best friend's birthday!
I dedicated this post to her. We had a long distance relationship (hahhaa..), we work at different places and rarely meet each other. I think the last time I met her is January 2013.Wow! Its long time already. Unnie, I miss you a lot already! She is very good friend that I ever met. I met her for the first time during the registration day at my university. I'm all by myself and every night I prayed to God to give me one good friends that can be my friend.Thanks God! He answered my prayer right way, He sent someone like " Loretta Bulan" to me. Honestly, until today, I still feel grateful for our meeting and Unnie, you know how funny is our first meeting. You still remember how do I look?hahhaa.. I am pure Kenyah Badeng so you can directly recognize me, I am so proud of that.hahha.

She is kind hearted, nicest and strong girl that I known. All my closed friend known me for talk too much, think too much, dream too much but not study too much.hahha.but she is patient to be my friend. Unnie, thanks for always be there for me during my happiest, happy, sad and saddest time. I am so glad to have friend like you. I am forever thankful for had a friend like you. So, I dedicated this simple flower for you. This present my sincere thankful and blessing for you.
Maybe, some of you want to know how to make this simple flower. Don't worry, its very easy!
Here the step by step. Don't forget to try, still had time to give it to someone you loved or remember.

Happy Weekend and take care my friends!
Don't forget to be happy and do awesome thing!


Outfit Diary: Cropped denim jacket + Dress

Hello Love!
I loved my intro today..hahha. February is definitely month of love and now I called you "Hello Love". How awesome is that?
Okay, its become more cheesy whenever I called you guys, love or do you like it? Tell me if you like it.hahhaa. Okay, I don't want to get you confuse,let me explain the meaning behind the Hello Love. This is one of our event at our church to welcoming the new students from Sabah and Sarawak. Its kind of welcoming party for new people here and we are glad that they're here with us and hopefully we will always see them every Sunday. I really enjoying this kind of event because I can meet some people and of course, dress up and make up..haha but most important is we so glad to celebrate the new people and hope they will feel that they found their "new" family here.
Move on to the outfit ( I love to talk about this!hahah). For this simple event, I choose to wore the short skirt over my denim jacket plus my wedges. Actually, I plan to wear the long dress but whenever think of how hot I will be, so I just wore my short dress. From my opinion, if you don't know what to wear on any simple occasions even they said " Dress", I suggest just wearing the simple dress and put on your favorite jacket, don't forget your belt, or to make it more fashionable and glam (hahhaha..feel like to attend the award show), bring some accecories with you girls, especially the statement necklace that definitily will save your day! Don't look to simple, just respect the organizer of the event by wearing according to the theme required but if you can't, its okay, just wear something nice. Don't worry!
So, let's enjoy the photo of this event.

Outfit Diary : Crop tops + Full Midi Skirt

That red skirt again? or that black shirt again?hahhaa.. Its kind my outfit is keep repeating without change of style.haha, that not called fashionable baby. Its okay, I change my accessories and shoes.
I always fall in love with this skirt and I feel so confident whenever I wore it, I don't know why! The power of my retro skirt..hahha. I told you that you can't pull out this skirt without high heels, but I am wrong!! Totally wrong. I think its also make this skirt look lovely whenever you wear sneakers like me. I bought it at Tesco ( cheapest than Keds). I aimed for sneakers from Keds! I just love wearing the sneakers!
On this lovely Saturday, I went out with my friend at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC). You can go here by your car and I always choose using train ( LRT), its more faster and I will not getting tired to drive.ehhe. From Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS), its only RM1.70, so don't worry, it won't cost much!
We went there to do some window shopping, to updated what's news and how much the prices.. That what girls do on window shopping, walking around, comparing, love it, touch it and buy it or walking around, comparing, love it, touch it and leave with sad hearted.hahha.
Today, we also had some event at church. Its called "Hello Love".ermmm...what kind event is that?
I will share it on another post..before that, enjoy my awkwardness in front of camera with people keep come and go!haha


{Real DIY} : Four handmade flower crowns

Hi dear friends!
February is the second month of the year obviously. This month is very special because its consisiting 28 day and 29 days ( leap year). I always love 29 February because this date is really rare, its 4 years once. Imagine if your birthday fall on this date, our parent(maybe..ahhha) or our closed friends/family will very "happy" because they'll celebrate your birthday only 4 years once but make sure they celebrate it in very big celebration, big cake, big gift buahhaha, pay all the 4 years..

Outfit Diary: 1950 Inspired Dress

Photo by Audrey Ping
Happy Sunday!
Hope you had a great long weekend and enjoying this life.
And its February already?hahhaha. How's your January 2014 ? Hope you doing well and happy.
As for me, there so much thing happen in my life on this long weekend. For the first day of this "long" holiday, something wrong happens to my nose and I share about the story on previous post here. I take opportunity on this holiday to be always surrounded by great people especially people from my village. I'll never forget who am I and where am I from, I always the Kenyah girl that used to have a tough, funny and terrible memory in my journey of life.