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Outfit Diary: 1950 Inspired Dress

02 February 2014

Photo by Audrey Ping
Happy Sunday!
Hope you had a great long weekend and enjoying this life.
And its February already?hahhaha. How's your January 2014 ? Hope you doing well and happy.
As for me, there so much thing happen in my life on this long weekend. For the first day of this "long" holiday, something wrong happens to my nose and I share about the story on previous post here. I take opportunity on this holiday to be always surrounded by great people especially people from my village. I'll never forget who am I and where am I from, I always the Kenyah girl that used to have a tough, funny and terrible memory in my journey of life.

This long weekend I learned something big in my life. I learned about family matter, no matter what happen, your family must become the first in your life. I witnessed what is family love. I may not a perfect little sister and big sister in my life, I always a stubborn and selfish sister, I am very sorry for that.  No matter what, family must become the first one because they're only your sibling in this life, they're gift to you from God and you have the same blood that flow in your body. Family is number one.When you decided to be with someone for the rest of your life, you MUST "marry" their whole family too. Of course people always said " You'll be with your partner only" but its not like that, family is priority in everything. For young girl out there, if you really love someone, love their family too (sincerely and never pretending on this) and if their family is not "accept" you, don't give up! Don't end up like a "selfish" girl like me..hahha. Think carefully, be smart and nice!
Another thing I learned is life just once ( we all know this..) and I want use this part of my life to be great daughter of GOD and also great daughter of my parent and greatest sister that ever my siblings met in their life. I try my very best to be the greatest.  Before that, I wanted to share some good lyrics from one song that I currently obsessed and loved. Its a Christian song ( I am sorry for my non-Christian that ever visit my blog), I fall in love with this song because of the meaningful lyrics.

Hidup hanya sekali
Itupun kan berakhir
Sperti bunga di ladang
Hari ini hidup esok akan layu

Hidup hanya sekali
Sperti embun di pagi hari
Bila mentari terbit menyinari
Ia akan segra lenyap

Sungguh tak berarti hidup ini
Tanpa Yesus dihidupku
Sungguh tak berarti hidup ini
Tanpa Yesus dihidupku
Jadikan ku  alatMu
Bawa jiwa kepadaMu
Untuk kerajaanMu

Life just once, and that life will be definitely end someday and life also just like a flower. Today, its live so brightly and someday, it'll be wilt.
Life just once, just like a dew in the early morning, when sun arise, it'll be disappear.
Life is meaningless without Jesus in my life.
Just let me be your servant, brings soul and life to you for your kingdom.
** That's my own translation and also my prayer to God.**
 I want to use this life to be more nearer to God and I wanted to have a greatest life in God. I may have nothing in this world, I may not owned expensive  and branded handbag, shoes, houses, car, clothes or anything but all I wanted is truly happiness in God, always aim for heaven and do what I love more and make my dream comes true. Love people more!

As usual, every Sunday I will share my outfit on Sunday. Its not special outfit but I really love the dress ( this dress is birthday present from myself to myself..haha). This time, I wore the black jacket on it when I went to church and after service at church, I just wear it sleeveless.hahahha. Show of my flabby arm..hahha. Now, its February and I lost 1Kg last month so I want to lose 2Kg this month. I will try my best and MUST try my best..Don't laugh at me my friends! 

This called "selek" in my Kenyah, too bright!hhaha

Get ready!
Posing time!

Peace out!!

hahhaa.. major fail! I had a round face and this pose is totally not for me..haha

show some back..haha, I love combination green, mint and white..

Mirror mirror on the wall, please make me lose weight...hahaha

Just kidding! You're what you eat, remember that Aya!

Happy day ahead and God bless you!

Estelle Paya

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