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Outfit Diary : Crop tops + Full Midi Skirt

09 February 2014

That red skirt again? or that black shirt again?hahhaa.. Its kind my outfit is keep repeating without change of style.haha, that not called fashionable baby. Its okay, I change my accessories and shoes.
I always fall in love with this skirt and I feel so confident whenever I wore it, I don't know why! The power of my retro skirt..hahha. I told you that you can't pull out this skirt without high heels, but I am wrong!! Totally wrong. I think its also make this skirt look lovely whenever you wear sneakers like me. I bought it at Tesco ( cheapest than Keds). I aimed for sneakers from Keds! I just love wearing the sneakers!
On this lovely Saturday, I went out with my friend at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC). You can go here by your car and I always choose using train ( LRT), its more faster and I will not getting tired to drive.ehhe. From Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS), its only RM1.70, so don't worry, it won't cost much!
We went there to do some window shopping, to updated what's news and how much the prices.. That what girls do on window shopping, walking around, comparing, love it, touch it and buy it or walking around, comparing, love it, touch it and leave with sad hearted.hahha.
Today, we also had some event at church. Its called "Hello Love".ermmm...what kind event is that?
I will share it on another post..before that, enjoy my awkwardness in front of camera with people keep come and go!haha

There always not perfect snaps on my picture.So, here you go! I am still learning my best to do best pose for my blog.hahha



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