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Outfit Diary : Cropped Denim+ Birdy Maxi Dress

Happy Sunday!
Hope you had a lovely Sunday as always.
As for me, I always had a lovely Sunday because I was surrounded with people that full of love and laughter. I am so happy when surrounded with all my good friends. I never feel lonely like I used to be when I am  all by myself. If you live alone, especially single girl, don't waste your time by staying alone in your house, go out and do something awesome! If you are not outdoor person, do awesome things on your own.Never waste the time by wondering about anything that you never know.
I like to talk about dream since I love to dream.hahaha. As I growing old, I feel like I dare to dream of anything and never stop dreaming and never stop to make it become reality. Maybe, some of my dream not yet become true but I know, God knows the right time and its will happen. What should I do is working hard and praying hard. So, the same goes to you. Work hard and praying hard no matter what your religion. Don't waste your single day without any dream. Dreaming is good but make sure its not day dreaming, working hard and go for it.

As for me, my dream is always to involve in fashion and colorful world. As you may realized, I love take picture of my outfit ( even though is not that high fashion but fashion is universal, everyone can do it) and I love to do the do it yourself stuff. One day, I love to have my own crafty shop and of course, my own clothing label or any stuff that have my name on it and good stuff for sure. I am figure it now, how to make this happen. Its very big dream but I dare to dream big!
As usual, I will share my outfit of the day. I love to take picture of myself wearing my favorite attire and I love to pose in front of camera ( even though I am not that good in that..hahha). I feel like I do my own collection.
Okay, before I start to share my photos, last words from myself is never stop dreaming and don't look down on yourself. See yourself as God see you! Remember that every day..

Lastly, Laugh out loud! Never stop laughing. You can laugh at yourself, see all your funny mistakes in your life. Just laugh on everything but make sure someone with you or just admit that you kind of crazy..hahaha. I personally love this picture because I can see happiness is out from my laughter here.

Have a nice week ahead. No matter what will happen, keep going with strong heart. Don't worry too much, God always know the best! And... Don't forget to awesome thing every day.



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