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Outfit Diary: White Shirt + White Long Skirt [ Dancing Outfit]

Happy Sunday!
Let's praise God in every move of our life. God is good all the time!
That's one of the mission of my life, I wanted to give thank ( sincerely) to God for this life, my precious life.
Our life may not always as we wanted or as we planned but I wanted to give thanks to God for always being there and fulfill whatever my needs. His planning is better than mine.
Honestly speaking, I am not really good Christian because I always done something according to my heart and not according to what God wanted me to do. I always fail to hear His voice. I need improvement on this. I believe that, LOVE IS PEACE and love is not only for one person or family or someone that related to you but people around you. To love people around me, I need to  totally love myself and accept myself for everything. I believe that the more I love myself ,  the more love will flow to other people around me. Logically, how come you love other people when you can't love yourself first?
Today, another great day in my life. I had chance or can I called it "calling" to serve our greatest God. We're dancers for God for this week after very long time of "resting". I am not good in dancing but I don't care!hahaha. I try my very best to give the best to God. Now, my hand feel painful because of the movement.haha, its not that hard but my hand such a baby girl.I love to have chance to dance more next time. I am suck at it but its okay, just do it!
As usual, I will show my Sunday outfit. But, this week a bit special since I will wear the dancer outfit so just plain white long sleeves shirt and white skirt. I forget to bring my necklaces to wear after church service. But, never mind..let's just take picture with what I had. Another great memory of my life this week is I met my best friend and his wife  plus with the cute baby, Bonga ( really love her name..such a cutie!). After very long time we do not meet each other,we meet again and we always do and talking about crazy stuff and how life going so far. Its feel so awesome and at the same time, I feel old already.haha. He and his wife is young than me but they had a baby already. Hurmm..when its my turn ar?hahhahaaa...Psst! Change topic!.
For me, best friend is friendship till we die and leave this world. No matter what you done. we always best friend forever!

Sue Ann, Mar, Aya, Uyang, Lim + Beth ( not in the photo)
Laki & Leto Kenyah Data Kakus

Candid picture of myself..Just love this!

Uyang & Me ( We're very long time neighbor)

Our silly pose ( Ah Watt, Aya & Uyang) * Oppsie! Secret!
Okay, let's "drowning" with my silly pose with all white outfit today. Plus, my minty handbag 
(countless picture of this bag on my blog, I just love this bag..haha, no one can replace her yet!haha)

Little update on my hair..hehe, you go girl!hehe

 Finally, flying kisses for all of my lovely and handsome friend..!haha. You are beautiful and handsome in God's eyes, dont forget that!
Have a great week ahead. Don't forget to do awesome things in your life, no matter how small or big it is. Just do it! Don't feel give up and always move forward.
Pala' leto Kenyah ngan laki Kenyah, nengayet meta tega dalem udip tepat. Beley pe u ekem ti, lemoto nawai amai bio' dalem udip ji, ayen ontau kata du ne. Nengayet dalem u u ekem ti, ayen pengkup!
Ayen sae bada ilu Kenyah dadu' telenga. Ja gap ngan manai ja! Be proud of yourself and appreciate every moment in this life.


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