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{Real DIY} : Four handmade flower crowns

Hi dear friends!
February is the second month of the year obviously. This month is very special because its consisiting 28 day and 29 days ( leap year). I always love 29 February because this date is really rare, its 4 years once. Imagine if your birthday fall on this date, our parent(maybe..ahhha) or our closed friends/family will very "happy" because they'll celebrate your birthday only 4 years once but make sure they celebrate it in very big celebration, big cake, big gift buahhaha, pay all the 4 years..

What so special about this month also is, its called month of love and when its come to love matter, red color cannot hide herself.. Red always define as a brave, bold, pure and strong color. So, that define love. Love is very important in our love, without love there no peace!
Beside Chinese New Year holiday on this month, there another most await day for people that in love and not to forget the people that had a lot of love in their heart, just like me. You no need a special person to celebrate this day but you can celebrate it with your friends, parent, sibling and even celebrate it with yourself..aahhaha, don't try this!!Look so little desperate..haha
When Valentine day comes, its a day to celebrate love but remember, don't just celebrate love in this specific day. For people that already get married, everyday is valentine day. For people that currently in love, love deeply and sincerely. For single or happiest people, don't be sad on this love day. Do whatever what you can, if you had someone in your mind, try it!hahhaha. Be a brave girl!You dare??
I am so inspired with this red valentine and I come back with my passion on flower crown again after very long time.
This time, I come out with some different style, I just love playing with creativity.hahha I think you can wear this on your outing during this valentine day or if you married on this month, its really good option for you.

Style#1 : Red Valentine

style#2 : Pinky Pearly Promise

style#3: Sweet gold Surrender

Uh yeah! for my blue contact lense..ahha

style#4: White Pink Dust

That's the newest style of the flower and pearly crown that I make this time. Hopefully, in future I want to do more and more creative! 
For other flower crown DIY, visit here!
In case you are interested, I leave my contact here : or find me on Facebook, Estelle Paya Roni ( We can be friend!)
Before I leave, here my silly pose for you guy!hahaha, I wanted to look cute in pout lips too..haha
Love ya! Have a nice day!

Super duper selfie!!!hahhaa

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