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{Real DIY} : How to make origami Kudusama flower?

Happy weekend my friends!
This weekend is special. It may not long weekend but its my best friend's birthday!
I dedicated this post to her. We had a long distance relationship (hahhaa..), we work at different places and rarely meet each other. I think the last time I met her is January 2013.Wow! Its long time already. Unnie, I miss you a lot already! She is very good friend that I ever met. I met her for the first time during the registration day at my university. I'm all by myself and every night I prayed to God to give me one good friends that can be my friend.Thanks God! He answered my prayer right way, He sent someone like " Loretta Bulan" to me. Honestly, until today, I still feel grateful for our meeting and Unnie, you know how funny is our first meeting. You still remember how do I look?hahhaa.. I am pure Kenyah Badeng so you can directly recognize me, I am so proud of that.hahha.

She is kind hearted, nicest and strong girl that I known. All my closed friend known me for talk too much, think too much, dream too much but not study too much.hahha.but she is patient to be my friend. Unnie, thanks for always be there for me during my happiest, happy, sad and saddest time. I am so glad to have friend like you. I am forever thankful for had a friend like you. So, I dedicated this simple flower for you. This present my sincere thankful and blessing for you.
Maybe, some of you want to know how to make this simple flower. Don't worry, its very easy!
Here the step by step. Don't forget to try, still had time to give it to someone you loved or remember.

Happy Weekend and take care my friends!
Don't forget to be happy and do awesome thing!

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