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{Wedding Ideas} : 15 Ideas Wedding Chair Decoration

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Hello my dear friends!
Happy Tuesday. Today, I am so excited to share something that maybe useful for your wedding day or if you not getting married, you can make it for any special occasions too, don't limit it for the wedding. But, usually the chair decorations is always related to the wedding, right? hahhaha, its okay, just make it if you love it!Before that, I wanted to announce that I think from now on, I should share DIY inspirations with you guys, there a lot on my head but I couldn't make it  due to some of my limitation.hurm! Lets me share my plan schedule,during weekday, I will share some DIY inspirations and on weekend, I will share my hand on DIY ( this mean, I make it). Hopefully, I can follow this schedule, this is my hobby so I must make some time for it. So, as for the starting, today DIY inspirations is wedding chair decoration ideas. Yay!! Hope you'll inspired and if you wanted to know details how to make it, I will always be here for you, please ask me or you can request the tutorial how to make it, I always wanted to help you.
Are you ready to get inspired now? Lets go.

{Fashion Tips} : How to wear Midi Full Skirt

Happy Sunday!
No Sunday outfit today because I didn't go out today, just staying home and wondering about life.  But, I had a good news for lady that love full midi skirt! Just like me!!
One of the hottest trends this Spring 2014 is the full midi skirt. Yeah!! There's no Spring season here but I loved to wear this skirt everyday.
Why I love to wear full midi skirt because I feel ladylike and of course, manages to hide wide hips and draw attention to a small waist.haha
Since I am so in love with this full midi skirt, I even do special project which I called "makesomethingbeautiful", if you want or curious about the project,don't forget to click here and here. 
Please do comment if you had something to say or any questions is welcome.haha
But, I need to stop for awhile because my best friend ( sewing machine is sick, so sad!).  I just can't wait to continue, there a lot on my mind now. Can't wait to reveal it very soon.
I will continue once everything is okay. Please wait ya!
What do you think of this skirt? Do you like it as much as I like it? 
Here some ideas how you can rock this skirt. 
Hope you'll try it!

1) Cropped top/sweater
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2) Denim Jacket ( MUST have!)
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There so many way to wear this full midi skirt, you always can experiment and try the new way, who know you can be trendsetter..haha.
Most of all, the main key of wearing something that you love, be confident and comfortable and you'll look fabulous and don't forget to smile because happy girl is the prettiest girl. Don't wear that sad face when you wear your favorite pieces!
 Finally, for the next post I will share some tips on how to buy the full midi skirt. Hope it'll help you.



Keriitleto WP : How to make paper bag for gift?

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Happy Saturday everyone!
How's your Saturday? Hope you have a good and inspired Saturday.
Today I wanted to share one of the easiest DIY and you can make it for your wedding, your special person birthday or any special occasion that need to share the gift, as for me, this will be great for Christmas Day gift. You can save money when you know how to make this. This is the basic step and you can change the paper to more fun paper. 
Without any further do , let get started!


Xperia Themes { I'm super excited}

Hello my friends!
I discover about something that I'm really excited about! I dont know if you find this before or not. But, still I want to share it with you guys! especially Xperia users.haha
I personally like SONY Smartphones, not because I am SONY staff,but I just love it.
What I love about SONY smartphones?
I love the design and the camera especially the front camera. I am using my SONY smartphone (Xperia Tx) for almost 1 years already and I am surprised that I can customize the Xperia Themes which is available for Xperia phones with android version 4.3, so if you not update your android version yet, don't wait any further, go update it! There's a lot of exciting thing you'll see but personally, I don't like the android 4.3 for Xperia because there I can't edit my photo with default editor because its not available on android 4.3 but that make me honest with the world..hahaha
Okay, I don't want talk much anymore. Lets get started!

Step 1 : Long press on Main Home until screen like below appear. Then, go to Themes

 Step 2 : After touch the <Themes>, find the + sign on the right upper of the screen as below.
Step 3: Sony Select will appear and all the Xperia Themes will appear also, just scroll down and up and choose what you wanted. 

Step 4: When you find the Themes that attract you, just touch it and if you use this for the first time, the screen below will appear and select < Play Store>

 Step 5 : When you come to this level, if there state MYRxx ( means you need to buy) and if         Install > its free. I love free stuff so I select the free one.

Step 6: Then, go to Settings > Display > Themes ( As below)

Jeng is my themes! 
I love snow so much so I totally love this themes...hahaa

Don't wait, go and try it!!!

Let's share what do you think and if you had any comment, just let me know.



Outfit Diary: Love collared shirt + Red Midi Skirt

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Happy Sunday!
Today, we Malaysian so thankful for big blessing for us this morning. Its rainy day here and I really love rainy day. The whole day is raining but some place still haze, be strong people, the painful time will disappear someday. I am personally very thankful of this blessing, at least we can smell the fresh air and hopefully all the bad smell and bad things is going away. Unfortunately, the MH370 flight still not found yet even after 8 days of its missing. We Malaysian keep praying for this missing flight and our country.
Okay, stopped talking about serious thing. Lets go to fun part of my life this week. Or can I say " Its not that fun actually!". There so many thing that break my heart ( especially when its come to our country and farewell, I hate the bad news) and there so many people that I disappoint and make them feel sad about me. This week is one of tough week for me, I feel sick outside and inside.  If you sick outside, you can always see doctors but if you sick inside, hurmm...its hard to heal it. I am trying my best to heal myself and keep praying to God to give me patience and strengthen me in this hard time. I think I never felt this way before, I once heard people said " Become adult is scary thing" and I can feel it now. There sometime you doubt about yourself ( a lot!) and looking down on yourself, start feel that you not good enough for anything and feel like you fall behind of this journey or can I say it race of life. When this time come, I advise keep praying and ask strengthen from God. I don't say become adult is scary, not at all! When you feel this way, you're qualified enough to be adult(hahaha, trying to comfort myself when I feeling bad being adult).
You are faboulous, unique and one of kind person, love yourself in sad or happy time. When there's seems no God at all, just be alone for some time and make peace with yourself.
Do whatever is the best for you. Don't always depend on others to make you happy.
What the thing that make you happy in the hardest time?
As for me....


Outfit Diary: Cropped Denim Jacket + Floral Blouse

Photo by Ziana
Happy Sunday!
This weekend is a nightmare for my country. One of our plane ( #MH370) is currently missing. Until today ( 9 March 2014), there's no news or sign of the missing plane.On social media, there's a lot of speculations and some unconfirmed news about this matter. Let's pray for the people on the flight, their family and hopefully, they're fine and they can return safely. Let's not spread all the unconfirmed news with world, lets respect the family of the people on the flight. This situation make me think for awhile, we always too busy to achieve what we wanted in our life and always in the hurry sickness. We never know and we never can predict what going to happen in our life. Only God above is know everything. Lesson from this is appreciate everyday and everyone in your life. You never know when your life going to end and when will the last time to meet the people in your life. Today, at our church we praying for the passengers, crews and passenger's family and also to our country, give them the strength and intelligence to handle this situation.
Today, I learned something that very touch my heart. Honestly speaking, there some people that I hate in my life and I thought I already forgive them but deep down on my heart, I can say that I am not fully forgive them, really! Still I hate it and cannot forgive them but as for today I really wanted to forgive people or someone that hurting me so badly and make my world upside down. I 'm ready to forgive and love them deeply and honestly  as people that have give me lesson in this life. As I growing older, I wanted to live my life fullest and never keep all the bad memories in my heart.Life is journey and I will keep ride on this road of life. When the bad time comes, I will ask strength from God and when the good time comes, I will always thankful for God for let me feel the good time. I talking  about life too much today. For young people or for everyone soul alive, love people around you sincerely and respect the older people than you.


Keriitleto DIY: Pocketful Sequin t-shirt + Floral Blue Midi Skirt

I always believe that everyone is beautiful in God's eyes. There no UGLY in God's eyes.
If you ever heard someone called you that, don't ever bother what you listen or if you ever feel like you are not beautiful enough to impress people, don't listen to your inner self, you are not live to impress people but to live your own life. Life is journey, its not destination!
That's one of the objective of my #makesomethingbeautiful project. I want to make something beautiful and wear it confidently. I believe that, when you wear something right and beautiful, you'll look confident on yourself and always head up when you walk. Its not about super duper confident about yourself but its to boost up your self esteem. Self esteem is very important for people like us.
Its time for revealed another diy skirt from #makesomethingbeautiful project. This time, its all about casual and easy wear. I choose flower pattern because I think girl will look so lovely whenever they wear something that had flower on it. As you may know, flowers and girl never be separated, right?

Outfit Diary : Pocketful Sequin t-shirt + Royal Blue Midi skirt

Photo by Ellis Mering
Happy Sunday!
How your day my dear friends?
Hopefully you had a great day just like me today. I don't know how many time I can say this, I love Sunday so much. This day is the greatest day in my entire week. I love Sunday because its my rest day and its the time for me and my God to see each others. Plus, I can wear my favorite outfit for sure...hehe( evil smile..hehe)
Today is special because March 2014 just begins and its Sunday at the same time,what a great way to start over again on this month and what more special today is I make debut of my diy skirt project. I love diy and I am so passionate about it . This month I create my own project, I named it as "Make something beautiful". I want make so many beautiful things for beautiful life.
Okay, let's see my first design for #makesomethingbeautiful project. I love 50s/circle/full style skirt and I am so inspired to create one in my way and with my talents. I never sewing something that ready to wear in my life but I go beyond my expectation. When you believe you can do something, just do it and you'll see miracle things in front of your eyes.
Try something that scared you and make something beautiful.