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Keriitleto DIY: Pocketful Sequin t-shirt + Floral Blue Midi Skirt

I always believe that everyone is beautiful in God's eyes. There no UGLY in God's eyes.
If you ever heard someone called you that, don't ever bother what you listen or if you ever feel like you are not beautiful enough to impress people, don't listen to your inner self, you are not live to impress people but to live your own life. Life is journey, its not destination!
That's one of the objective of my #makesomethingbeautiful project. I want to make something beautiful and wear it confidently. I believe that, when you wear something right and beautiful, you'll look confident on yourself and always head up when you walk. Its not about super duper confident about yourself but its to boost up your self esteem. Self esteem is very important for people like us.
Its time for revealed another diy skirt from #makesomethingbeautiful project. This time, its all about casual and easy wear. I choose flower pattern because I think girl will look so lovely whenever they wear something that had flower on it. As you may know, flowers and girl never be separated, right?

 What I really love about this second pieces is the flowers pattern. The flowers always makes me feel so young and lively. Plus, make me so girly..haha, I love flowers!

What do you think of this second piece of #makesomethingbeautiful project?

t-shirt : Online shopping
Bag : Times Square,Malaysia
Sandals : Charles & Keith
Skirt : Makesomethingbeautiful project
Watches : Vintage shop, NZ

If you interested on second pieces of #makesomethingbeautiful project, please contact me. 
Email : payaroni.eban@gmail.com
Facebook : Estelle Paya Roni
Instagram : estellepaya

Thanks again for visit and reading my blog!

Have a nice day ahead.

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