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{Fashion Tips} : How to wear Midi Full Skirt

Happy Sunday!
No Sunday outfit today because I didn't go out today, just staying home and wondering about life.  But, I had a good news for lady that love full midi skirt! Just like me!!
One of the hottest trends this Spring 2014 is the full midi skirt. Yeah!! There's no Spring season here but I loved to wear this skirt everyday.
Why I love to wear full midi skirt because I feel ladylike and of course, manages to hide wide hips and draw attention to a small waist.haha
Since I am so in love with this full midi skirt, I even do special project which I called "makesomethingbeautiful", if you want or curious about the project,don't forget to click here and here. 
Please do comment if you had something to say or any questions is welcome.haha
But, I need to stop for awhile because my best friend ( sewing machine is sick, so sad!).  I just can't wait to continue, there a lot on my mind now. Can't wait to reveal it very soon.
I will continue once everything is okay. Please wait ya!
What do you think of this skirt? Do you like it as much as I like it? 
Here some ideas how you can rock this skirt. 
Hope you'll try it!

1) Cropped top/sweater
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2) Denim Jacket ( MUST have!)
Image credit :
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There so many way to wear this full midi skirt, you always can experiment and try the new way, who know you can be trendsetter..haha.
Most of all, the main key of wearing something that you love, be confident and comfortable and you'll look fabulous and don't forget to smile because happy girl is the prettiest girl. Don't wear that sad face when you wear your favorite pieces!
 Finally, for the next post I will share some tips on how to buy the full midi skirt. Hope it'll help you.


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