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Outfit Diary: Cropped Denim Jacket + Floral Blouse

Photo by Ziana
Happy Sunday!
This weekend is a nightmare for my country. One of our plane ( #MH370) is currently missing. Until today ( 9 March 2014), there's no news or sign of the missing plane.On social media, there's a lot of speculations and some unconfirmed news about this matter. Let's pray for the people on the flight, their family and hopefully, they're fine and they can return safely. Let's not spread all the unconfirmed news with world, lets respect the family of the people on the flight. This situation make me think for awhile, we always too busy to achieve what we wanted in our life and always in the hurry sickness. We never know and we never can predict what going to happen in our life. Only God above is know everything. Lesson from this is appreciate everyday and everyone in your life. You never know when your life going to end and when will the last time to meet the people in your life. Today, at our church we praying for the passengers, crews and passenger's family and also to our country, give them the strength and intelligence to handle this situation.
Today, I learned something that very touch my heart. Honestly speaking, there some people that I hate in my life and I thought I already forgive them but deep down on my heart, I can say that I am not fully forgive them, really! Still I hate it and cannot forgive them but as for today I really wanted to forgive people or someone that hurting me so badly and make my world upside down. I 'm ready to forgive and love them deeply and honestly  as people that have give me lesson in this life. As I growing older, I wanted to live my life fullest and never keep all the bad memories in my heart.Life is journey and I will keep ride on this road of life. When the bad time comes, I will ask strength from God and when the good time comes, I will always thankful for God for let me feel the good time. I talking  about life too much today. For young people or for everyone soul alive, love people around you sincerely and respect the older people than you.

Lets move on to the outfit today, I keep it simple today. Just wearing the breezy outfit, its always hot nowadays. Do you realize that, I always wearing skirt on Sunday? So, today I just wearing my old blouse ( this blouse just too awesome..haha, still wearing it after 5 years..) , my denim jacket ,wear the leggings and my nude shoes plus my favorite mint bag, no one can replace her yet. Before that, tips on wearing legging, you must wear blouse/t-shirt that fall under your butt or if not, the it'll be show everything your sexiness..hahhaa.

For the make up today, at first I want this red lips but since I went to church, so I feel its not right to wear the red lippie.hahha, seems look too much.haha, just think too much!

I personally love this earrings. Love the style and the color.Next DIY?hehe

 Since "kangkung" is famous in my country, so lets take picture with "kangkung". I am the girl that love homemade cooking..haha, I know how to cook you know!haha

 What do you think of my eyebrow here? Too much or like it?hahhaa

 Lastly, lets pray for the passengers, crews and passenger's family of MH370. Hopefully, everything is alright and they can return safely. And have a nice week ahead. No matter what will happen, keep the strong heart and always pray for God for the strength and always be thankful for the day that God give to us.

Lets be stronger everyday!


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