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Outfit Diary: Love collared shirt + Red Midi Skirt

Photo by Ellis Mering
Happy Sunday!
Today, we Malaysian so thankful for big blessing for us this morning. Its rainy day here and I really love rainy day. The whole day is raining but some place still haze, be strong people, the painful time will disappear someday. I am personally very thankful of this blessing, at least we can smell the fresh air and hopefully all the bad smell and bad things is going away. Unfortunately, the MH370 flight still not found yet even after 8 days of its missing. We Malaysian keep praying for this missing flight and our country.
Okay, stopped talking about serious thing. Lets go to fun part of my life this week. Or can I say " Its not that fun actually!". There so many thing that break my heart ( especially when its come to our country and farewell, I hate the bad news) and there so many people that I disappoint and make them feel sad about me. This week is one of tough week for me, I feel sick outside and inside.  If you sick outside, you can always see doctors but if you sick inside, hurmm...its hard to heal it. I am trying my best to heal myself and keep praying to God to give me patience and strengthen me in this hard time. I think I never felt this way before, I once heard people said " Become adult is scary thing" and I can feel it now. There sometime you doubt about yourself ( a lot!) and looking down on yourself, start feel that you not good enough for anything and feel like you fall behind of this journey or can I say it race of life. When this time come, I advise keep praying and ask strengthen from God. I don't say become adult is scary, not at all! When you feel this way, you're qualified enough to be adult(hahaha, trying to comfort myself when I feeling bad being adult).
You are faboulous, unique and one of kind person, love yourself in sad or happy time. When there's seems no God at all, just be alone for some time and make peace with yourself.
Do whatever is the best for you. Don't always depend on others to make you happy.
What the thing that make you happy in the hardest time?
As for me....

I love wear the clothes that I love and skirt that always give me confident, carry my helpful handbag and not to forget wearing high heels that make me taller for a moment. Just this simple things can make me smile brightly and forget everything that make me sad. Not to forget, my friends that always make me smile and feel I am not alone and always be there for me. Thanks friends!
Lets enjoy the photos taken by my best friends, Elyss on this blissful Sunday!

This pose very funny! Seems like I am doing "big business" with deep feeling..hahaa

If you notice, I change my Facebook cover photo and here the original photos..haha

 Lastly, no matter what situation you are in now, be patience and keep praying for the best. The end of the world is near and for Christian friends, keep praying and be strong in faith. For my non-Christian friends, lets do the best in what you believe. Keep believing that, you going to heaven as long as you with God and always aimed for that.
 Finally, I had a big eyes for you! Happy week ahead!


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