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Keriitleto WP : How to make paper bag for gift?

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Happy Saturday everyone!
How's your Saturday? Hope you have a good and inspired Saturday.
Today I wanted to share one of the easiest DIY and you can make it for your wedding, your special person birthday or any special occasion that need to share the gift, as for me, this will be great for Christmas Day gift. You can save money when you know how to make this. This is the basic step and you can change the paper to more fun paper. 
Without any further do , let get started!

What you need :
i) "Nasi lemak" wrapping paper
 ** You can use any kind of paper.
On this tutorial, I'm using size : 12x15 1/4
Quantity : 100 sheet
Price : Less than RM10 ( I don't remember the price,sorry!)
You can buy it on major store such as Tesco, AEON, Econsave..

ii) Double tape ** I recommend using this. Don't use glue, you'll messed it up!
Size : Depends on what you prefer

iii) Scissor
iv) Ruler
v) Ribbon ( Optional)

How to make it?
Okay, I'm terrible whenever give instructions, so hopefully below illustration will help you. I will give the explanation below.
Before you start, make sure the smooth part is inside and "rough" part is outside.

1. Put on your double tape 
2. Bring it to center and connect the paper ( Make sure it connect)
3. Then, move over the double tape area to the right and smooth it using ruler.
4. Next, make the base for the paper bag by flip the below of paper twice but different size.
5. You'll get like this. Please make the lower part bigger than above part.
6. I'm not sure how to give instruction for this ( I'll share the video soon)
9. Make sure you got this kind of shape.
10. Tape your paper bag base.

I know my instruction above quite unclear, so here is the video link:

Hope this video will help you.
I'm sorry for my video too long..haha, my first video, I don't know what to do.

Here you go! My kind of hardwork to make this. You can decorate it with some ribbon or any encourage note for someone that you love/like!

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you'll try it!

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