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Xperia Themes { I'm super excited}

16 March 2014

Hello my friends!
I discover about something that I'm really excited about! I dont know if you find this before or not. But, still I want to share it with you guys! especially Xperia users.haha
I personally like SONY Smartphones, not because I am SONY staff,but I just love it.
What I love about SONY smartphones?
I love the design and the camera especially the front camera. I am using my SONY smartphone (Xperia Tx) for almost 1 years already and I am surprised that I can customize the Xperia Themes which is available for Xperia phones with android version 4.3, so if you not update your android version yet, don't wait any further, go update it! There's a lot of exciting thing you'll see but personally, I don't like the android 4.3 for Xperia because there I can't edit my photo with default editor because its not available on android 4.3 but that make me honest with the world..hahaha
Okay, I don't want talk much anymore. Lets get started!

Step 1 : Long press on Main Home until screen like below appear. Then, go to Themes

 Step 2 : After touch the <Themes>, find the + sign on the right upper of the screen as below.
Step 3: Sony Select will appear and all the Xperia Themes will appear also, just scroll down and up and choose what you wanted. 

Step 4: When you find the Themes that attract you, just touch it and if you use this for the first time, the screen below will appear and select < Play Store>

 Step 5 : When you come to this level, if there state MYRxx ( means you need to buy) and if         Install > its free. I love free stuff so I select the free one.

Step 6: Then, go to Settings > Display > Themes ( As below)

Jeng is my themes! 
I love snow so much so I totally love this themes...hahaa

Don't wait, go and try it!!!

Let's share what do you think and if you had any comment, just let me know.



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