Happy Monday!
Today, there's no Monday blues but its a gloomy and bright Monday at our office..hurm!I don't know which one, its mixed today. But, what I learned today is I need to learned to let go and need to remember that everything is temporary and always ready to move on. Life going to change and tough but that's my life.
I am so thankful today because its end of the month, yay!hahahha..if you are working you know what I'm feel. I want to stop talking about work or else, I want show you my dinner tonight. Yummy!
Today my dinner is beef+cheese+meatloaf burger..yummy! My favorite homemade burger is from Gulai Panas restaurant, the "burger bakar" corner. I went here third time already and I love the burger, yummy!
If you ever feel want to taste it, just go to Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi.

{Bangi Spot} : Gulai Panas Restaurant, Seksyen 7

28 April 2014

Third post for today..
Seem like I am so excited today right?hahha..yeah, I am very excited now because I knew that God is always ahead me and I never alone in my life. No wonder I love Sunday so much. On the morning, I heard and learned great things about family at church, always love and help each other in your family. I'm still on progress on this, I am no perfect daughter and "angel heart" sister, I am trying my best to love my family more and more day by day. On the afternoon, I meet my bride to be friends, so happy for her, take care my friends. Then, on evening I had a great dinner with my friend and hopefully, I will do this often with my family. I am thankful of the great day.
Okay, move on to foody today. Once again, I ate my favorite spaghetti..yummy!

{Bangi Spot} : Pizza San Francisco

27 April 2014

Photo by Maznee Husin

Happy Day from me!hehe..
This is my second post for today, yay or nay? hahhaa..
I feel so excited to share what happened on my life today.Finally, one of my dream come true today. Previously, I mentioned that, I wanted to visit and capture photos at some attraction places at Kuala Lumpur this year, you can see here. For today, I visited Central Market and Petaling Street, yay! I am very excited of this.
What make this moment is seem bittersweet is I went here with my friend, Maznee that will be get married this weekend, I feel sad and happy now, I am sad because another friend of mine is getting married..haha and I am happy because I can be her bridesmaid ( need to learn how to be bridesmaid for Malay bride, never done it before). Actually,we went here to find something for my friend's wedding preparation and I get this golden opportunity to capture some photos with my lovely friend help, thanks Maz! 
Honestly, I am not really into these places because of the crowd but its special place so what to do but I love the scenery of the city and the funny thing happen here also, I'm scared to cross the road and feel scared when walking on Petaling Street, I never thought that I will be scared to walking on my country. There nothing bad here but need to more extra careful with your belonging, put all the important things such as identity card/passport, credit card and ATM card on your pocket also careful with anything surround you. 
Let's enjoy some photos of mine today..ahh..I totally forgot, I am wearing my white t-shirt ,blue pant and military inspired jacket also my favorite bag.
Happy Thursday!
How your day so far this week?
 I hope you always had a great day every day.
As for me, I was trying to make my every day is happy day even though there not so good day but I'm thankful for every day that I had.
Today, I feel so excited to going back home because I can't wait to write on my blog..ahahaha even though I don't have any great story but just typing and typing will make me feel happy. And, today I had my dinner at Milk Moustache Cafe, this is Korean food restaurant at Bangi.Yup, at Bangi near area of my house. This is my second time went here. I love the environment and the food, the kimchii is quite good but the original kimchii is the best!
I am eating alone so I am eating fast and take a little photo.. :(,too bad.
Its okay, next time I will make full story about this cafe..wait y!

{Bangi Spot} : Milk Moustache Cafe

24 April 2014

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter to everyone!!
This sunday is so special for Christian people like me because we  celebrating the Easter Day or Pascha Day. The Easter day is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This year, I am so blessed because I still can celebrating this special day and doing something special too, we "Leto Kenyah" performing the thankful dance and I am enjoyed it  so much even though  I am currently feeling pain because of the dance practice last night, its very long time I am not move my body..haha
As usual, I had outfit to share with you guys every Sunday. Today, I wear all black from head to toe..haha. I always love to wear black because it can make me look slimmer ( oppsiee.. I still look big even though I am wearing black now, this matter worrying me so much now..hahha, I need to do something now). Wearing all black  maybe make you look gloomy if you just wearing all black without mixed any colorful thing with it  so to avoid the gloomy face and day, I wearing my statement necklace that can make my outfit look bright and I bring my work bag to church today for the first time, how you feel baby ( my handbag name)?hehe..
Enjoy the photo taken by my lovely and understandable friend, Lim. Love you!

Outfit Diary : Another all black

20 April 2014

Photo credit : Google Image

Have you ever heard of Saipan Island? Is not Sipadan Island...
Today is my first time heard of this place.Now, I feel so lucky that I accidentally found it after I watched one of K-pop music video. For the first second of the video playing, I just "wow and wow and wow", and my mind keep wondering "where is this beautiful places?, please google my hand..haha and I found it.  According to "mr.wikipedia", Saipan is the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean after Guam ( I always wanted to go to Guam too, God please blessed me with many money, energy and friends to go here..hahaha). Arghh.. I can't wait to share this beautiful places with you guy. I really want to go travel here as quick as possible now but no money, this place so beautiful and I can't resist, I really want to go here!!!  But, so sad, I don't know how to go here too.hahha, I will find my way no matter what. Google will help for sure.. I can imagine I take a lot of photos here and arghhh....God, please make my dream come true!hehe. I keep dreaming now...
Since I cannot go as soon as possible, let's see the photos from people that already went there and get jealous with them..haha
Let's go to the Saipan our dreamm...

{Travel List } : Saipan Island, Western Pacific Ocean

17 April 2014

Happy Thursday!
Today is a bit different for me,  I went to go around the Bangi area with my "oppa". I always directly went back home without go anywhere. I am tired and cannot wait to "social"..hahha. This time, I went see one of my favorite cafe/restaurant at Bangi. The cafe/ restaurant name is LITTLE WHITE CAFE. What I love about this cafe is everything is in white for sure and I love the carbonara. I went here just one time but I am planning to went here again. Maybe, I will go alone again..haha ( I love eating alone on this kind of place..hahhaa, no people stare at you strangely).

Let's enjoy this place!


{Bangi Spot} Little White Cafe

Photo By Suzanne Lim
Happy Sunday!
Today I am so happy because I am wearing my favorite color..yay!
 and not to forget my favorite bag too..haha, I still can't let you go baby.haha ( I even talk with my bag now and I feel like we're best friend). On this lovely Sunday, I went to church and today I learned something that refresh my mind regarding life.
We are one in God no matter who you are and where you come from.  We need to always love each other, always practice "give and take" in our life( I am so weak on this..I always want to take and I always unwilling to give back, I am trying my best now) and always treat each other better. Not to forget,always forgive each other. Everyone makes mistake in this life. If there people ever hurt you, just forgive them and wish them the best for their life. I am not perfect and I am trying my best to become better person.
Move on to fashion talk..hahahha
Do you love wearing dress? and sometime you feel like you can't find the right dress for yourself because of your body type?
 My happy face with my dress.

Outfit Diary : Royal Blue Dress +Statement Necklace

13 April 2014

Photo by Suzanne Lim
Don't be surprised with my title today. I am still in love with my full midi skirt.My obsession over full midi skirt is not over yet and I don't know when I am going to stop. Sorry if you already over it and feel so tired of seeing me in this awesome skirt. I am totally into it for this moment and I will like it until I feel like I'm done, time to moving on(hahaa..I don't know when this time will come). As for now, please overloaded yourself with my full midi skirt. If you want to know how to style this awesome and stylish skirt, I make one post about it before, go here.
I'm not going to talk about why I love this skirt anymore, you heard it for many times already. haha
If you noticed, this skirt is the same pattern with the previous skirt I made before, go here. This is my third #makesomethingbeautiful project( with my big sister's help, thanks Sis, love ya!). For this one, I make it a bit longer than the previous one and make it more 50's feel. I am so in love with 1950 fashion. Its really catching my attention and I just fall for it. If can, I want to dress like them everyday,hahaha.  I like the way they dressed up. For me, the 50's women always look so elegant, beautiful and classy. I am going to love it even though people staring at me when I walking around on shopping mall just like today but its okay. Thanks for staring at me in strange way. I love it so I don't care what people see, what most important is I love it! I love to search about fashion 1950 and my eyes going crazy whenever see it. My Pinterest, full of it. I am planning do something that feel the 50's on next #makesomethingbeautiful project. Its still in progress so please wait ya!
Do you love 50's fashion just like me?

Outfit Diary : Blue Shirt + Floral Blue Midi Skirt (DIY)

06 April 2014

Photo by Rachel Iban

Happy Tuesday!
I'm back from my long break, its feel so good and relaxing after  I seen my family. No matter how is your family, they are gift from God and they're our strong supporter in this life. Just like I mentioned previous post, I went to Mersing to visit my second sister's family. I visited Mersing so many times before but this time, I fall in love with the beach here.This time, I feel so blessed, I had opportunity to see,touch the sand, see the sunset and take a fresh air from the beach, its feel awesome! I love the feeling so much!
Bad news, I couldn't capture the best and good picture to share here due to camera and smartphone issue ( they broke my heart). But, its okay maybe my smartphone and camera wanted me to enjoy the view and remember the awesomeness in my mind not on my memory card.hurmm..One thing that excite me is my nephew. He growing up so much. I so excited to see him and sometime I feeling old whenever see him. My life is getting shorter and I need to enjoy my life in a good way and do something awesome everyday! Love people around me, catch my dream everyday passionately and appreciate everything that I had.
How about you? Do you always feel getting old whenever you see your nephew? ( of course we getting old..haha)

West Malaysia : Mersing,Johor

01 April 2014

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